I have had many people emailing me, asking what sewing projects they can work on in between receiving the articles. This gave me the idea that I should put together an e-book that is packed full of sewing projects, to help you move along in your sewing journey at your own pace and faster, than the articles allow.

NONE of these projects will be covered in the articles!


This book has 38 sewing projects (including some clothes)! 25 original patterns and 13 variations. The Variations are to help you with your creativity, and to help you see things differently.

All of the projects are laid out, just like you (and I) like them, with:


Each project has color coded boxes:

SKILLS BOX - This tells you what you will learn from completing the project
SUPPLIES BOX - This tells you what you need, in order to finish your project

Along with:

STEPS - These are STEP by STEP instructions with LOTS of pictures.

"COMPLETED PROJECT" PICTURE - So you know what your finished product will look like.


This E-Book Will Help ALL of You:


checkmarkBuild sewing skills one on top of another, by following the projects in order.

checkmarkUnderstand the second language of sewing. Sewing terminology is used and defined repeatedly through out the projects.

checkmarkBuild confidence in your ability to sew.

checkmarkImprove and expand your creativity, by seeing how to put your own special touches in a pattern.

checkmark Progress at your own pace.


checkmarkThe work has been done for you. You can stop asking the question, "what project should we work on next". You have a full curriculum at your fingertips to help guide children to learn to sew.

checkmarkFor those of you who are working with more than one child at different levels of maturity and ability, the Skills Box, makes it very easy to just pick a project to complete, that is appropriate for each child.

checkmarkThe Variations will help you teach children how to make a pattern their own.


Are you wanting to pass your gift of sewing to your grandchildren, but you live to far away?

checkmarkYou can do it with this book!

This blesses me tremendously! I have many grandparents that have been emailing and telling me how they are doing this. They and their grandchildren (and some daughters) are all getting the sewing projects. The step by step directions and pictures allow them to easily follow the instructions, and they are all completing the projects together and discussing it over the phone. I love it!!


• Straight Stitch
• Backstitch
• Baste Stitch
• Whip Stitch
• Zigzag Stitch
• Stay Stitching
• Topstitching
• Double Fold Hem
• Sewing Curved Lines
• Measuring
• Gathering


• Attach Ties
• Attach Bias Tape
• Attach Fringe
• Attach Beaded Fringe
• Attach Flat Trims
• Attach Velcro
• Attach Piping
• Attach Grommets


• Zippers
• Buttonholes
• Working with lining
• Working with interfacing
• Quilting
• Working with Batting
• Making Casings
• Working with Elastic
• Elastic Waistbands
• Making Tabs
• Mitered Corners
• Understanding Pattern Markings


Unlike store bought patterns, this book is laid out clearly with each step described individually, along with photographs. This format would have been priceless to me when the girls and I were just learning to sew! As you know, I have a passion for passing on the blessing of learning and teaching children to sew...

which is why the cost of this book is
ONLY $19.97

I told you in one of my articles, that I rarely buy a store bought pattern for more than $1.99. Even though these patterns provide a complete description of each step, with photographs...

$19.97 is ONLY .53 cents per project!!!


I can only keep this book at this low price, as long as it covers my expenses for the articles.

**The other thing that is so great about this book, is that when you purchase it, you get it IMMEDIATELY! You will receive step by step instructions on how to download it onto your computer and, if you like, print it out. I am still amazed by this!!!

So, what are you waiting for?
Click on the button below to receive your copy NOW, and Start Sewing TODAY!!


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May the Lord bless your sewing journey,

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