Sewing with Kids

It's NEVER too early to start teaching your child to sew, and there is no need to spend $ on lessons, when you can do it yourself! THE ONE THING YOU DO NOT HAVE TO HAVE IS EXPERIENCE! Whether you have never sewn before or are a professional seamstress there are only 9 Critical Secrets you MUST know...
Over the past 4 years of, I have heard from thousands of you who have been using the articles to learn to sew, and teach children to sew! I have been so blessed by this!!! And now, the website is better than ever, based on many of your recommendations!!! No longer do you have to wait each week for the email with the article, they are all available at your fingertips. And they are still free - you are never obligated to buy anything!!! Free sewing lessons, with lots of free sewing projects!!!

If you have never been here before, just sign up (free, of course) and start working your way through the articles in order. Start with the 9 Secrets and move on. Each article will take you step by step through the process of learning to sew. You can use these to teach yourself, to teach your child, or to start a sewing class.

I am so excited that you are going to enter the journey of sewing. It really is easy!!!! I also look forward to hearing from each of you. I pray that you are blessed by this website, as I have been blessed by learning to sew right along with my precious children!!

Happy Sewing,

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