- Andrea

Thank you Kristi for such an interesting and insightful email on the
benefits of sewing. My 2 girls are aged 4 and 22 months… Well we have a basic second hand machine now and my older daughter loves sewing - she has learnt to thread it completely by herself and enjoys running the machine simply creating zigzag stitches everywhere!

I am a novice at sewing yet together we have completed your handbag, pillow and are now currently working on our nine patch pillow.
Your site is such a blessing to us  as I wanted my children to learn to sew but did not know how to start. It would have been difficult for me to attend classes and less effective for me to learn.

Each week we tap into your site which is one of our favorites and follow your clear well demonstrated instructions. We find it amazing that we can stitch over pins for example - its such fun!

May God continue to bless you and your girls.

(One Year Later) Hello Kristi

…We wish to personally thank you so much for your sewing ministry for I believe it is just that a ministry.

Your articles have been a wonderful blessing. If you remember at first I had no sewing machine. We now have two as both daughters enjoy practicing sewing straight lines and the various stitches. This would not have happened so early if you had not created your site. We also have a copy of your wonderful ebook which will keep us busy for a good while to come.

May God continue to bless you and your precious family…

Thank you once again for being so beautifully willing to share your obvious passion of sewing with our family and many others.
God bless