Are Old Sewing Machines Better?

Sewing machines have completely changed over the past couple of years. Modern sewing machines have advanced features, whereas old sewing machines are stronger.

This has sparked a new debate among sewing enthusiasts and they are curious to know if the old sewing machines are better or the new ones.

Are Old Sewing Machines Better

This article will compare old and new sewing machines in detail and help you decide which one is a better choice.

Are old sewing machines better than new ones?

The answer depends upon your definition of better.

If you believe that a sewing machine should be equipped with the latest features and technologies then a new sewing machine is better for you.

But if you believe that a sewing machine should be strong and last longer, then an old sewing machine is the right choice.

Generally, old sewing machines are considered much better than new ones because they are strong and durable.

But still, both have their pros and cons. And we will discuss them in detail.

How to use: Old Singer Sewing machine demonstration

Pros and cons of old sewing machine

First, we will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of an old sewing machine.

Pros of old sewing machine

1. They have a longer life

In the past, people used to buy a sewing machine and expected to use it for their entire life. So, the manufacturers fulfilled this expectation of customers and made the sewing machines very strong.

Most of the parts of an old sewing machine are made of metal and that makes the machine durable. The metallic parts never break or wear out easily. This is the reason why you can find 50 to 100-year-old sewing machines even in 2022.

2. Smooth sewing

Since the old sewing machines have metallic gears, you can sew with better accuracy because the metal parts do not bend or flex under pressure.

3. Easy to fix problems

Problems in old sewing machines are easier to fix because everything is mechanical.

4. Good for the environment

When you use an old sewing machine, you save something from going into the landfill. Moreover, you also help save the resources to manufacture a new sewing machine.

This is beneficial for the environment and helps us preserve nature.

If you have an old sewing machine and you want to recycle it for the betterment of the environment, you can read our full guide on recycling sewing machines.

5. They are cheaper

You can buy an old sewing machine at an affordable price because they are much cheaper.

Sometimes, if you are lucky, you can even get an old sewing machine for free from a friend or a generous seller.

6. Work without electricity

Some old machines are completely mechanical and do not need electricity to work.

You have to grab a handle and turn the wheel with your hand to sew the clothes. This way you can work without needing electric power.

7. Friendly for beginners

Old sewing machines have very basic controls that a beginner can easily understand and use.

It will help them learn sewing with more ease and comfort.

Cons of old sewing machines

1. They are heavyweight

Old sewing machines are built strong so they can last for several decades. The framework is very tough and most of the parts are made of metal.

As a result, the old sewing machines become heavier in weight.

This might be a disadvantage for those who need a lightweight machine.

2. Hard to find spare parts

Old sewing machines were manufactured a long time ago. So, chances are that some machine parts that were very common at that time might not be available now.

Therefore, it might be difficult to find spare parts for your sewing machine due to the lack of availability in the market.

3. Only straight stitches

The majority of old sewing machines only allow you to make straight stitches.

You won’t be able to do zig-zag or other decorative stitches.

4. Need more maintenance

Old sewing machines are completely mechanical. Thus, you will have to spend more time oiling its different parts and maintaining the machine overall.

Want to know if it is okay to use cooking oil or baby oil on a sewing machine? Read our guides to get the right info.

5. No built-in lights

There are no built-in lights in old sewing machines. You will have to rely on other sources of light.

Here you can read which sewing machines have lights and which do not.

6. No warranty

You will not get any kind of warranty for an old sewing machine.

Pros and cons of a new sewing machine

Now let’s take a look at the benefits and drawbacks of a new sewing machine:

Pros of a new sewing machine

1. Advanced features

New sewing machines have a computerized system and advanced technological features that make sewing easier.

For example, you will get a start/stop button and auto button-hole function in most modern sewing machines.

2. Learn from online tutorials

Many online tutorials can help you learn how to use a computerized sewing machine.

3. It is lightweight

New sewing machines are mostly made of plastic and that’s why they are lightweight.

You can carry them around wherever you want.

4. Multiple stitch options

New sewing machines allow you to make multiple types of stitches be it the basic straight stitch, zig-zag stitch, or any other decorative stitch.

5. Warranty

You will get a warranty when you buy a new sewing machine.

The duration of the warranty varies as different companies have different criteria.

6. Accessibility features

Many new sewing machines offer you great accessibility features like auto needle threading, sew with button, and alerts when you are low on thread.

Cons of a new sewing machine

1. Poor structural quality

Most of the new sewing machines are weak and do not last for longer.

They have poor structural quality because all the machine parts are made of plastic.

The problem with plastic is that it cannot withstand rough use and becomes weak due to time and wear and tear. Hence, the new sewing machine breaks down early as compared to the old sewing machine. Even if you do not use your new sewing machine a lot, the plastic material will still get weak and break easily.

That is why new sewing machines have less life than old ones.

2. Expensive to repair

New sewing machines are expensive to repair because they have a computerized system that requires more skill and effort to be fixed.

3. Higher price

Since the new sewing machines have a computerized system and more advanced features, they have a higher price in the market.

Old sewing machines are cheaper than new ones.

4. Less smooth sewing

New sewing machines have plastic gears that often bend or flex under pressure. On the other hand, old sewing machines have metal gears that hold their position despite any pressure.

So, you will enjoy more smooth sewing experience on an old sewing machine as compared to the new one.

Are new sewing machines easier to use?

Yes, new sewing machines have a lot of amazing features that make sewing easier.

For example, you can sew with a button instead of a foot paddle. There’s an auto needle threading function that saves you from the hustle of threading the needle.

Moreover, the new machines also give you alerts when you are low on thread. The built-in lights help you focus better on work. All these features of a new sewing machine make sewing easier.

Should I get an old sewing machine or a new one?

If you need a sewing machine that is cheaper, stronger, lasts longer, and offers good sewing performance, then old sewing machines are best for you.

But if you need a sewing machine that has modern features and a computerized system, then a new sewing machine is the right choice for you.

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