Are sewing machines left or right handed?

Sewing machine is something that is too confusing for people to decide whether it is left handed or right handed. This is because seamstresses have to use both their hands while sewing, where one is used to spin the handwheel while the other is used to handle the fabric, handling the needle lifter, and feeding the fabric at the same time.

However, in the industrial world, the needle side from where fabric is feeded is considered the actual side of the sewing machine. Many people claim that they haven’t even noticed whether their sewing machines are left handed or right handed until they actually read or heard about this factor at some place.

Are sewing machines left or right handed

This is the time that they wonder whether sewing machines are left handed or right handed? If sewing machines are right handed, then are there left handed machines available or vice versa. Well, we will talk about all these factors along with bringing you a lot of related and valuable information as well. We will also talk about weather traditional sewing machine are better.

Is sewing machine left or right handed?

Sewing machines come in both settings as you can find sewing machines whose handwheel is attached to the right side while the fabric is fed from the left. On the other hand  there are machines that work completely opposite to this phenomenon.

In simple words, almost all old and traditional sewing machines were left handed even now as they have a handwheel in right side which is considered best by most seamstress in eatsern part of the world.

However, new sewing machines that work with a foot pedal or electronically come with a belt and spinning wheel on the left side while seamstresses feed fabric from the right side of the machine.

Why are all traditional sewing machines left handed?

The reason is completely simple, the inventors thought that spinning the crank of a sewing machine is a lot more physical task as compared to feeding the fabric. To make it easy for people, they put the crank on the right side as the hand is triggered and will take time to get tired.

From that day onwards, the same design was copied by every company that came into industry. Everyone made some minor changes into design while adding features for attraction but the overall structure remained the same as invented.

Was the sewing machine invented by a left hander?

Many people and experts believe and claim that the main two inventors of modern sewing machines were left handers and this is maybe one of the reasons that they put the feeding area on the left side. 

However, Rex Parker who was the first people to think of a right handed sewing machine dispute this claim. Rex believed that both Elias Howe and Isaac Singer were right handed and they only made sewing machines right handed because of the dominance and strength of the right hand.

Are there right  handed sewing machines available?

A Sewing Machine for the RIGHT-HANDED User

Yes, most modern sewing machines that work with a motor or foot pedal are right handed as the crank is moved with some other technique instead of using either of your hands.

Such sewing machines have feed dogs on the right side of the machine. You can use both your hands to handle and feed the fabric which makes sewing much faster and easier for seamstresses.

Is it difficult to use a left handed machine for a right handler?

Not really, people have been using traditional sewing machines for a long time and there are also professional seamstresses who claim that they don’t even think about the fact that they are sewing clothes on a left handed sewing machine for that long time, while they themselves are right handed.

It is because the sewing machine is designed in such a way that it makes the process easy for you whether you are feeding fabric with your right hand or spinning the crack with your right hand.

How significant is the free arm on a sewing machine?

Free arm is extremely important in sewing, especially if you work with the opposite hand as aligned with the sewing machine feeding side. A free arm gives you extra space to handle, move and feed fabric easily and in a better way.

With a free arm sewing machine, you can work easily without feeding too much fabric or sewing multiple layers accidentally.

Look for this feature while buying a sewing machine especially if you are confused by the left handed, right handed factor. Because most modern sewing machines come with a free arm and make your work much easier.

Why are vintage sewing machines so popular?

Vintage sewing machines are in demand all around the world and a major factor is their durability and long lasting ability. The machine parts are made of high quality metal which takes decades to break down even if you don’t maintain or repair it at all.

Getting these sewing machines repaired also costs less money as compared to modern sewing machines as they include technology and electronics that are quite expensive to repair or replace.

What are the major types of sewing machines?

Sewing machines come in various types, models, and versions but if we categorize them in major forms, there are some of them. The major categories of sewing machines types include:

  • Mechanical sewing machine
  • Electronic sewing machine
  • Computerized sewing or automated sewing machine
  • Embroidery machine
  • Overlock sewing machine or serger machine

Are scissors left or right handed?

If we talk about most, the scissors are right handed but you can also find left handed scissors in the market. The thing is that you can easily use a sewing machine no matter what side handed it is but cutting fabric with wrong handed scissors is extremely difficult, if not impossible.

Why do left-handers find it difficult to use scissors?

When a left hander tries to cut fabric with regular scissors, the blades split apart and move in opposite directions instead of coming together and cutting the fabric. This is because scissors are designed to only work in right handed situations.

The same will happen if you use a left handed scissors as a right handed person. So, if you are a left hander, buying a left handed pair of scissors is the only and best suitable option.


How did people sew before the sewing machine was invented?

At first, humans made needles using the bones of animals they hunt for their food. At that time, the only fabric was the pure skin of animals. About 4000 years ago, humans started making needles of iron that were quite big in size and had a large eye as well.

This thing remained in fashion for a very very long time until human civilization reached the evolution phase and started making needles just as we see now along with sewing machines.

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