Can a Brother sewing machine use a Singer needle

If there is any part of your sewing machine that you will have to replace often, it would be your sewing machine needle. It is the most used part of a sewing machine, and the more you use it, the duller they become, hence the reason to have them changed regularly. But can you use the needle of a brand for another? 

I have been asked this question several times and did justice to it. But this time around, instead of treating the question as a general term, I will be much more specific in this blog: I will answering can Brother sewing machine use singer needles. Not only that, but I will also be fielding several other questions relating to the use of needles as well as changing them. 

Can a Brother sewing machine use a Singer needle

What needle does a Brother sewing machine use?

I know most people don’t know this, but the fabric you are working with will determine the needle type you are supposed to use. I will state this in clear terms below. 

  1. If you are working with a medium-weight fabric, the ideal needle to use is 75/11 – 90/14. 
  2. For a light fabric, use 100/16 or 90/14 – 100/16. 
  3. For thick fabric, use 90/14 – 100/16 
  4. For stretch fabric, use ball point needle 75/11 – 90/14. 
  5. For fabric that frays easily, use 65/9 – 90/14. 
  6. For topstitching, use 100/16 or 75/11 – 90/14. 

But in general, the 90/14 to 100/16 should be suitable for all your sewing projects, irrespective of the fabrics used. 

Can I use any needle in my Brother sewing machine?

No, you cannot use any needle in your Brother sewing machine. Brother is quite flexible regarding needle choice, as they are compatible with most needle brands.

However, that does not mean they can work with any needle. You will learn more about this in the next section. 

What needle does a Brother sewing machine have?

Your Brother sewing machine can use any of the Schmetz needles, as they are compatible with almost all Brother sewing machine types, just that you will need to find the right size that will be suitable for your project.

If you cannot find the suggested needle, better suitors for your Brother sewing machine are; Universal, Microtex, Embroidery, Quilting, and a 130/705H needle system. 

Can I use Singer needles for brother sewing machine?

Yes, you can use Singer needles for your Brother sewing machine. Singer sewing machines are designed with Universal Regular Point needles. And the good news is that this type of needle can be used with any sewing machine brand, whether it be Janome, Bernina, Kenmore, Brother, and every other sewing machine brand. 

How do you know what sewing machine needle to use?

If you are talking about what brand, I would advise you to check the compatibility of your sewing machine brand with the needle of other brands online before you use them. But if you are referring to the needle size, then the general rule is that you check the package of the needle, and the size will be written on it.

After doing that, you should also know that small-sized needles are best suited for light fabrics, and large-sized needles are best for heavy fabrics. 

Where can I buy Brother sewing machine needles?

You can always get your sewing machine needles at Walmart or any other store that sells sewing accessories. Or better still, you can get them online via 

Do Brother sewing machine needs special needles?

No, the Brother sewing machine does not need any special needle. 

Earlier, I mentioned some sewing machine needle that is compatible with a Brother sewing machine which means they do not require any special needle to sew. Although when your standardized Brother sewing machine needle breaks down, and you do not have any left, you may have to do your research before using just any type. 

Are sewing machine needles and Serger needles the same?

No, sewing machine needles are different from Serger needles. Serger machines are used to perform tasks that are different from that of the regular home sewing machine, hence the reason why there is a slight difference in the design of the two.

One of the differences in the design of these two machines is their needle, and both are different. However, nowadays, Serger makers are now designing their needles to look more like that of a regular sewing machine. 

Are Singer sewing machine needle universal?

Yes, Singer sewing machine needles are universal. 

The needles you will find on any Singer sewing machine are universal, and that is why they can be easily interchanged and used with any other sewing machine brand.  

How to use Brother sewing machine threader 

  1. The machine should be threaded up to the needle. 
  2. Raise the needle such that it will be at the highest position. 
  3. Bring down the presser foot lever. 
  4. While lowering the needle threader lever, ensure the thread is hooked to the guide. 
  5. Bring down the needle threader to the lowest point. The needle threader end will rotate in your direction, and the hook will go through the needle’s eye. 
  6. Catch the thread from the hook. 
  7. Tightly hold the thread and release the needle threader lever. The hook will drag the thread through the needle. 
  8. Raise the lever of the presser foot and drag the thread loop through the needle eye so that you can pull out the thread end. 
  9. Pull out the thread (2 inches) through the needle and towards the rear of the sewing machine. 

How do I change the needle on Brother’s sewing machine?

  1. Raise the needle by pressing the “Needle position” button on your sewing machine. 
  2. Turn the sewing machine off 
  3. Bring down the sewing machine presser foot. 
  4. Use your left hand to hold the needle and use a screwdriver shaped like a disc to remove the needle by turning the needle clamp screw in your direction. 
  5. Direct the flat needle side towards the back of the sewing machine, then insert the needle making sure it touches the needle stopper. 
  6. Hold the needle with your left hand again and tighten the needle clamp with the screwdriver, turning it in a clockwise direction. 

If need help fixing your brother sewing machine, please read our previous brother sewing machine error codes guide.

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