Can I Use Baby Oil on My Sewing Machine

Sewing oil minimizes friction between the inner machine parts, reduces wear and tear, and increases the life of your sewing machine.

However, sometimes you do not have sewing oil available, so you think of using other alternatives such as baby oil.

Can I Use Baby Oil on My Sewing Machine

Many people ask us, can I use baby oil on my sewing machine? This article will explain the pros and cons of lubricating a sewing machine with baby oil and the opinion of experts on it.

Can you use baby oil on your sewing machine?

Baby Oil vs Sewing Machine Oil...the Test!

No, you should not use baby oil on your sewing machine.

The reason is that baby oil does not have the same qualities as sewing oil, so it is unrecommended for use.

Experts recommend that you only use sewing oil in the sewing machine because it is specifically prepared for this purpose and has everything your sewing machine needs to work smoothly.

Why should you never use baby oil on a sewing machine?

Here we have explained all the reasons why you should never apply baby oil on a sewing machine:

1. Difference in viscosity

First, there is a difference between the viscosity of sewing oil and baby oil.

Viscosity is the measure of the thickness (denseness) of a fluid.

The viscosity of baby oil does not meet the requirements of a sewing machine. There is a high chance that if you keep using baby oil on the sewing machine for a long time, it may gum up the internal machine parts or fail to reduce the wear and tear. Hence, your sewing machine might break down.

Thus, it is not recommended to use baby oil.

2. Presence of fragrances

The second reason is that baby oil has fragrances as it is not odorless.

If you use baby oil on your sewing machine, the smell of baby oil will linger inside your sewing machine for a long time. And your sewing machine will become smelly.

On the other hand, sewing oil is odorless and does not contain any fragrances inside it. That’s why it is a better choice.

3. Baby oil has preservatives

Baby oil is mineral oil, and it contains plenty of different preservatives.

The problem is that those preservatives are not good for your sewing machine as they can ruin the paint and cause other problems.

4. Not for sewing machines

Another reason is that baby oil is not prepared to help sewing machines work better.

When the companies manufacture baby oil, they do not have sewing machines in their mind. Chances are that the baby oil might not decrease the friction between moving parts of the sewing machine.

It will result in increased wear and tear and poor performance of the machine. Therefore, we should not expect baby oil to have any qualities beneficial for a sewing machine.

Sewing oil, on the other hand, is specifically made to enhance the performance of sewing machines. They have all the ingredients safe for sewing machines and optimize their working.

Therefore, baby oil is not fit for sewing machines.

Is baby oil better than sewing oil?

No, when we talk about lubricating sewing machines, baby oil is not better than sewing oil.

The purpose of baby oil is to nourish the baby’s skin, and it has preservatives and fragrances that can damage a sewing machine. So, it is not better than sewing oil for lubing a sewing machine effectively.

Therefore, baby oil should not be used as a lube for sewing machines.

Can baby oil substitute sewing oil?

No, baby oil cannot be used as a substitute for sewing oil because it is only better for the skin and not the sewing machines.

Using baby oil can make your machine smelly, degrade its performance, and reduce its life.

Your sewing machine will develop many technical problems if you keep using baby oil for a prolonged period.

Is sewing oil more expensive than baby oil?

No, it is wrong.

There is a common myth that you should use baby oil on a sewing machine because it is much cheaper and saves money.

It is hilarious and a big lie.

Sewing oil is very cheap and available for a price lower than baby oil in any market. Therefore, you should always invest in sewing oil because it is more beneficial for your machine and also does not cost too much.

Which oils you should never use on a sewing machine?

So far, you have learned that it is not okay to use baby oil on sewing machines. However, you must be thinking if you can use other types of oils on sewing machines. For example:

Can you use cooking oil on a sewing machine?

The answer is no!

You can find out why cooking oil is bad for sewing machines.

Can you use olive oil on sewing machines?

No! – You should not use olive oil on the sewing machine because it will make your sewing machine smell bad and damage its performance.

Can you use lamp oil on sewing machines?

No, you should not use lamp oil on sewing machines because it does not have the properties of sewing oil.

Which oil is best for sewing machines?

You should always use regular sewing oil for your sewing machine.

The reason is that it is made only and only for sewing machines and helps them perform better.

Make sure that the sewing oil is not expired and present in usable condition. It is because sewing oils can go bad if they are not stored well or they reach the expiry date. You can learn more about sewing oil going bad as we have already covered that in detail.

When to oil the sewing machine?

Here are the signs that your sewing machine needs oil:

1. Slow movement

If your sewing machine is struggling to move fast, it means it needs lubrication.

2. When the machine becomes rusty

When the sewing machine starts developing rust, it is a sign that you are not giving it enough oil.

3. Increased wear and tear

If the wear and tear of your sewing machine have increased, and its various parts break down every other day, it is a symbol that the sewing machine needs proper oiling.

4. Noises while working

When a sewing machine produces strange and loud noises while working, it is a signal that the sewing machine requires lubrication.

In all such conditions, you should oil your sewing machine to improve its performance.

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