Can I use Polyester thread for machine quilting?

It doesn’t matter whether you are a quilter, sewist, or an embroidery maker; you most definitely know about the popularity of polyester thread in your line of work. Although synthetic, this thread is found in many sewing projects, including clothing, upholstery, bedding, carpets, ropes, tire cords, and several other projects. 

The versatility of polyester thread is due to its incredible qualities. Still, the main reason why this thread has enjoyed wide acceptance throughout the years is that it is made stronger than most natural threads. Ordinarily, this should be an advantage, but there are arguments that polyester can break cotton fibers used in place of cotton thread. 

Can I use Polyester thread for machine quilting

This unending debate has led to further questions like Can I use polyester thread for machine quilting? This helpful article answered this question in detail. 

Can I use polyester thread for quilting? 

Yes, you can use Polyester thread for quilting. If you are into quilting, one of the many benefits you will enjoy as a quilter is that you will have an array of thread options to work with. Of all these thread options, the polyester thread is among the top contenders for the best choices due to how strong they are.

Although this assertion may not sit well with quilters, who hold to the belief that polyester thread is too strong for cotton fibers used for making quilts. But I can assure you that polyester can hold your quilt perfectly together without cutting through the fiber of your fabric. 

Is polyester thread good for quilting? 

Yes, the Polyester thread is good for quilting. Quilting involves taking lots of decisions, and one of the best decisions you will take as a quilter is using polyester thread as the thread choice for your project. Oh! Did you ask why? This is because polyester thread is stronger than cotton thread which means that when you use polyester thread for your quilt, it will last longer. Apart from giving you a durable final product, you can hardly see through a polyester thread when used for making a quilt. 

Is a polyester 40-wt thread good for quilting? 

Yes, the polyester 40-wt thread is good for quilting. Although when it comes to quilting, the weight of the thread hardly plays a major role. However, using a 40-wt polyester thread will make the quilting stitches show up more easily compared to when you use a 50-wt polyester thread that can that is finer. 

Should I use cotton or polyester thread for quilting? 

Both cotton and polyester thread are suitable for quilting, and that is why when it comes to choosing the better option can be hard. But to most quilters, the most ideal between the two is the polyester thread because it is stronger and will offer better reinforcement to your quilt work. 

What kind of thread can I use for machine quilting? 

One thing about quilting is that you can use any type of thread, depending on the fabric you are working with. But the best thread type suitable for all projects is a polyester thread, and considering the many benefits that come with using polyester thread for quilting, it is one of the best threads for a quilting project. 

What do you use polyester thread for? 

A polyester thread is a multi-purpose thread, which means it can be suitably used for hand or machine sewing projects, so it can be difficult to say specifically what polyester threads are used for. But essentially, they are used for stretchy fabrics. 

Can you mix cotton and polyester thread in a quilt? 

Yes, you can mix cotton and polyester thread in a quilt. There’s no problem if you want to try and mix a polyester thread with cotton thread; you can only have an issue when you are trying to combine different colors of the threads. To have a hitch-free combination, use 40 wt cotton thread as the top thread and 60 wt polyester thread in the bobbin. 

Is polyester thread the same as cotton thread? 

No, polyester thread is not the same as cotton thread. The first obvious difference between polyester and cotton thread is that the former is made of synthetic fiber, while the latter is made of natural fiber. Secondly, polyester thread is stretchy, while cotton thread does not have any stretch to it. Lastly, they are also used for different purposes. 

Can I use polyester thread for potholders? 

Yes, you can use polyester thread for potholders. Using your polyester thread for a pot holder is another way of optimizing their use, but compared to cotton threads, they are not as effective because they are not resistant to heat. So, instead of using polyester threads for this purpose, cotton thread will make a better choice. 

Can I use polyester thread for beading?

Yes, you can use polyester thread for beading. The use of polyester thread is not only limited to dressmaking or quilting alone. You can also find its use in bead making. The polyester thread gives beads a better grip and makes it easy to thread through the holes of beads. 

Can polyester thread be used for machine embroidery? 

Yes, you can use polyester thread for machine embroidery. When you use polyester thread for machine embroidery, it will give your work a professional look and feel. That is only the effect it will have on your final product, but during the process, they can be run through the machine smoothly without any hitch. This is why this type of thread is usually suggested for outdoor wear or garments for children. 

Can I use polyester thread in the bobbin and cotton thread on top? 

Yes, you can use polyester thread in the bobbin and cotton thread on top. Usually, this is the normal practice when quilters or sewers want to combine polyester and cotton threads. This will ensure that they have more balanced stitches in their sewing. 

Does polyester thread break easily? 

No, polyester thread doesn’t break easily. Most people think that because polyester is synthetic, it is inferior to cotton when it comes to quality. But what most people don’t know is that polyester is one of the top-quality threads there is. This thread does not fade, shrink or break when used for a sewing project. 

Which is stronger, polyester or nylon thread? 

Nylon is stronger than polyester. Nylon is a better thread compared to polyester. This is because Nylon thread has a high tensile strength, which is why they are often used for heavy fabrics used for interior decorations. 

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