Can Serger thread be used for quilting?

When it comes to quilting, choosing the right thread is as important as choosing the right fabric. Because when you use the right thread, it can influence the longevity of the final product. And since the recommended material for quilting is cotton, experts also believe the best thread to use for quilting is long staple cotton thread. 

Logically speaking, that suggestion is very impressive, but with loads of other thread options, it can be hard to just limit your option to just one thread type. Hence the reason for the constant search for alternatives. 

Can Serger thread be used for quilting

The Serger thread is one of the top threads on the wishlist of most quilters, but many are unsure of the possible outcome and would ask questions like, “can Serger threads be used for quilting?” If you have always been in doubt, this helpful article will help to offset all uncertainties. 

Can you use the Serger thread for quilting? 

Yes, you can use the Serger thread for quilting. In terms of weight, Serger thread is lighter than regular sewing machine thread, and this is why there are usually diverse opinions regarding whether or not server thread can be used. But the fact remains that it can be used just that you may have used more than one thread to sew the seams. 

Is there a difference between the Serger thread and the quilting thread? 

Yes, the serger thread is different from the quilting thread. Serger thread is not the same as quilting thread, and the difference lies in the weight and how twisted the threads are. Compared to a quilting thread, a Serger thread is lighter, and only two strands are twisted together in a serger thread, whereas in a quilting thread, it is usually more than one. 

Is Serger thread cotton? 

Yes, Serger thread can be made of cotton. Serger thread is one thread type that you will find in various forms. You can see a serger thread made of wooly nylon, polyester, and cotton nylon. So we cannot say outrightly that Serger thread is made exclusively from cotton. 

Can I use Serger thread on my sewing machine? 

Yes, you can use Serger thread on your sewing machine. If your sewing machine has serger attachments, then you can use a serger thread. Some of these attachments include a cd case spindle, thread stand, paper towel holder, and a cup. Without these attachments, it might be difficult for you to run a serger thread on your sewing machine as they can easily break and jam your machine due to their rough texture. 

What’s the difference between a Serger thread and a sewing machine thread? 

The major difference between a serger thread and a sewing machine thread is that the former is lighter, while the latter is heavier. This is why serger thread is often used when there’s a need to avoid bulky seams. 

Is the Serger thread as strong as the regular thread? 

No, the Serger thread is not as strong as the regular thread. Although Serger and sewing thread are said to have a similar weight of 40, serger thread is lighter. And this is because while the ply of the regular sewing machine is 3, that of a Serger machine is only 2. The higher the ply of a thread, the higher the strength of such a thread. 

Can Serger thread be used for regular sewing? 

Yes, you can use Serger thread for regular sewing. Firstly, you need to know that serger thread was not designed to be used on a regular sewing machine. However, they can be used as long as you make some modifications to your sewing machine. Without these modifications or attachments, you may have a problem using serger thread on your regular sewing machine. 

What is the Serger thread used for? 

Serger thread is used essentially for creating zigzag patterns around the edges of the fabric to prevent fraying, and it is also used for serger machine interlocking motions. 

How long does the Serger thread last? 

Usually, Serger threads, like most other thread types, don’t come with expiry dates. But a typical Serger thread cam lasts for about 20 to 59 years, depending on how they are stored. 

Is the Serger thread different? 

Yes, the Serger thread is different. Well, just like every other thread, you can also see Serger threads in the form of cotton, polyester, nylon, and all sorts of materials. But Serger is completely different from every other thread in the sense that they are lighter and wider than most other threads. 

How to change the Serger thread

  1. Cut all the threads previously threaded through the serger machine near their spool. 
  2. Change to a new spool and tie the spool to the old thread and make a square knot. 
  3. Press the pedal and allow the new thread to make its way through to the needle. 

How to store the Serger thread 

There are several ways you can store your Serger thread, and they can be stored in thread storage racks, bins, or color thread trays. 

How to finish off the Serger thread 

You can finish off the Serger thread using the Tail tuck technique. This technique involves feeding the thread chain into the stitching with a tapestry needle. You will be guided on how this technique can be applied below. 

  1. Ensure that a short length of the thread chain is left hanging off the project end and push the tapestry needle threader through the blunt tapestry needle eye. 
  2. Pull the thread chain through the eye of the needle. 
  3. Feed the thread back into the stitch using the needle, making sure it passes under the looper thread. 
  4. Cut off all excess thread chains but be careful enough not to clip off the stitch looper thread. 
  5. Apply seam sealant on the stitching end to seal it off. 

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