Can Sewing Machines be Recycled

Do you want to get rid of your sewing machine for some reason? It could be because you are buying a new sewing machine or maybe because you don’t need it now.

Whatever the reason is, you will probably ask what to do with an old sewing machine. Can sewing machines be recycled? The answer is yes.  

Can Sewing Machines be Recycled

This article will tell you about the different ways to recycle a sewing machine.

Can you recycle a sewing machine?

Yes, you can recycle a sewing machine.

A sewing machine is made of various parts such as metal, plastic, and electronics that can be recycled and reused for making new items.

If you have a sewing machine that you don’t want to keep anymore, the best thing you can do is to recycle it. This way you can contribute towards reducing pollution in the environment.

The reason is that for making a sewing machine, the manufacturers have to use new raw materials and consume a high amount of energy. This causes a lot of emissions and increases environmental pollution.

By recycling a sewing machine, you can contribute to reducing energy consumption, less use of new raw materials, and reducing pollution.

How to recycle a sewing machine?

Here we explain the best methods you can follow to recycle a sewing machine:

1- Take it to the local recycling center

Every city has multiple recycling centers and your city probably got one as well.

You can visit your local recycling center or contact them on phone and ask if they accept old sewing machines or not.

If they say yes, you can give your sewing machine to the local recycling center and play your part in saving the planet from different forms of pollution.

If you don’t know about any recycling centers in your area, search for recycling centers with your city name on Google, and you will find everything.

2- Sell the sewing machine

If your sewing machine works perfectly fine then you can also earn some money by selling it instead of recycling it.

There are different ways to sell an old sewing machine.

  1.  You can sell it in your local market.
  2. You can sell it to any of your friends and relatives around.
  3. You can post an advertisement on any online marketplace famous in your country.

By selling the sewing machine, you can make sure that the machine is reused instead of getting dumped in a landfill.

This will help cut down the usage of energy and raw materials required for manufacturing a new sewing machine, decrease emissions, and reduce pollution.

3- Donate your old sewing machine

If you don’t have free time to find customers for selling the sewing machine, the other option for you is to donate it.

You can donate the sewing machine to any of your local schools, technical training camps, refugee camps, charity centers, nonprofit organizations working for human or animal welfare, etc.

They will either use your sewing machine or resell it to earn money and continue their missions.

4- Gift the sewing machine

If your sewing machine belongs to a popular brand or it holds any historical and cultural value, then you can also consider gifting it to your children, friends, or relatives.

However, you need to make sure the sewing machine is in good working condition because it is never a good idea to gift an obsolete sewing machine to someone.

5- Trade the sewing machine

Some stores and sewing machine dealers offer you to trade an old sewing machine for a new one.

You might have to pay a small amount of money along with the old sewing machine but you will get a brand new machine in return.

Therefore, if you can find any such offers in your area, go for it.

6- Sell at an antique store

If your sewing machine is not an ordinary one and holds some historical, cultural, or religious significance, you can sell it to an antique store.

 This way you can get more money as per the value of the machine.

7- Use as a decorative item

You can do some work on the sewing machine and convert it into a decorative item. For instance, you can install a lamp on the sewing machine to illuminate the room and also add to its beauty.

This way you can prevent the sewing machine from going into the landfill and reuse it for another purpose.

8- Reuse the machine parts

A sewing machine is composed of several different parts. You can disassemble the machine and reuse the various parts.

You can either sell the parts in the market OR you can use creative ideas and turn the parts into decoration pieces. There are plenty of different ideas available on the internet.

Why is it important to recycle a sewing machine?

Here are top reasons why it is always better to recycle a sewing machine instead of throwing it in the landfill:

1- You can save energy

Making a new sewing machine requires a high amount of energy consumption.

The more energy is consumed, the more gases will be released into the atmosphere and cause pollution.

Recycling or reusing a sewing machine can help save energy, reduce pollution, and conserve raw materials.

2- Solve the landfill problem

Nowadays, people are dumping thousands of tons of trash into landfills. It is leading to the contamination of water, and soil, climate changes, global warming, and destruction of the environment.

If everyone dumps their old sewing machines into the trash, it will further complicate the existing landfill problem.

On the other hand, if everyone adopts a habit of recycling the old sewing machines, less waste will go into the landfills and existing material will be recycled to make new stuff.

3- Reduce the need for new raw materials

Manufacturing new sewing machines require more and more new raw materials. It is not healthy for the environment.

When everyone will recycle old sewing machines, the existing material will be recycled to make new sewing machines. It will reduce the need for new raw materials.

Consequently, there will be less environmental pollution, and this planet will be a much better place to live.


If you have an old sewing machine that you want to get rid of, just follow any of the methods we have dropped above.

By following our instructions, you can not only get rid of the old sewing machine but also follow the 3 R’s of the environment (Reduce, Recycle, Reuse) and play your role in reducing pollution.

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