Can you use embroidery thread for quilting?

If you are familiar with patch works and quilting projects, you would have noticed that most quilters use sewing thread for their projects, even though the material used in making the thread might be different. That is quite understandable, though, since the quilting fabric determines to some extent what kind of thread to use. 

What remains a mystery to many is whether other thread types, asides from quilting and regular sewing thread, can be used. Both quilting and sewing threads can be used interchangeably for quilting projects for obvious reasons; they are light. But how about a thicker thread type like the embroidery thread? 

Can you use embroidery thread for quilting

Can you use embroidery thread for quilting? Tricky huh? Well, this helpful article looks into the possibility as well as every other possible thread option for quilting works. 

Can one use embroidery thread for hand quilting? 

Yes, embroidery thread can be used for quilting. At first, you may be iffy about using embroidery thread for your quilting work, but I can assure you, that’s how most quilters feel at first. But after the first trial, the result can be thrilling. 

When you use embroidery thread for quilting, especially when you hand stitch it, it will give your project a unique outline with beautiful designs and will also allow you to finish the project anywhere without using any cord. 

Can you use embroidery thread for free motion quilting? 

Yes, you can use embroidery thread for free motion quilting. Embroidery threads can be used with any of the quilting techniques, whether it be free motion or hand quilting. Embroidery thread is lint-free, smooth, consistent, and has an excellent sheen, so using this kind of thread will make your job easy as well as add a special appeal to your work. 

Can I use machine embroidery thread for quilting? 

Yes, you can use machine embroidery thread for quilting. Although ordinarily, this type of thread is designed to be used on embroidery machines to stitch out designs, they can also be used for quilting. In fact, this kind of thread is more suitable for micro quilting because they are usually very fine and smooth, which means you will be working with less hassle. 

Can I use embroidery floss for hand stitching? 

Yes, you can use embroidery floss for hand stitching. Embroidery floss is a popular choice among designers for most projects like applique, needlework, quilting, embroidery, and most definitely embroidery floss. Embroidery floss is not expensive and comes in a variety of colors which allows designers to experiment with different kinds of colors for their designs. 

Can you use embroidery thread to tie a quilt? 

Yes, you can tie the quilt with embroidery thread. You can hand tie your quilt with embroidery thread, but that would depend on the final appearance you are trying to achieve with your quilting work.

With embroidered thread, you can tie the layers around your quilt sandwich together every few inches. This technique is considered suitable for quilting projects with no or thick batting that cannot be quitted with other techniques and can also be used for pieced and whole cloth quilts. 

Can you hand a quilt with embroidery thread? 

Yes, you can hand a quilt with embroidery thread. Whether or not you are quilting by hand or by sewing machine, embroidery thread will make a good alternative for your quilting or regular sewing machine thread. This type of thread will help give your project a unique outlook that may be difficult to achieve with the regular or quilting thread. 

Is embroidery thread good for quilting? 

Yes, embroidery thread is suitable for quilting. One thing about embroidery thread is that its usefulness is not only limited to making embroideries or making designs on clothes alone; it can be used for many of her things. Quilting is one of the several uses of embroidery thread. Embroidery thread is a popular choice for quilting majorly for two reasons they make quilting easy and help to create attractive designs for quilting works.

Can you quilt with polyester embroidery thread? 

Yes, you can quilt with Polyester embroidery. You will find embroidery threads in all forms or colors. Out of all these shades, polyester embroidery is the most popular choice for quilting works because quilters get to design with several colors and are very smooth to work with. 

Do you need embroidery thread for machine embroidery?  

No, you may not need to use embroidery thread for machine embroidery. You can use just any type of thread on your embroidery sewing machine; only you must know the type and size of the embroidery you are about to make. But of all the available options, cotton thread is always the best as they don’t break easily.

Another alternative would be wool thread, as this kind of thread is almost twice as durable and stronger as cotton thread. 

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