Can you use sewing machines at Joann fabrics?

Sewing is one of the things that is required by every person in the world, however, some buy ready-made clothes, some take the services of tailors while others sew by themselves. One of the major factors that stop people from sewing at home is the cost of sewing machines and related tools.

Sewing machines are quite expensive, especially for people who need them once in a while. If you are a person who needs a sewing machine for short periods and doesn’t want to spend a lot of money on buying one, you may look for a corporation that offers sewing machine rental services.

Can you use sewing machines at Joann fabrics

Joann fabrics is a well-known company that offers various machines and services on a rental basis but the question is, can you use sewing machines at Joann fabrics?

Well, the short answer is Yes, but there are many other factors to consider as well. This article will bring you answers to basic questions along with the advantages that come with sewing machines at Joann fabrics. In the end, we will also talk about employee discount services on Joann fabrics.

Can you rent sewing machines at Joann fabrics?

Yes, you can rent a sewing machine at Joan fabrics on an hourly basis for as long as you need. If you look at the company’s motto, they want their customers to try products and tools before they decide to buy them.

Even if you are not going to buy the sewing machine but want to use it for your sewing project, you can simply check the nearby store for sewing machine availability and go for it when you have free time.

You will be charged on an hourly basis and the cost for 1 hour varies depending upon various factors where the region is the most prominent.

Does Joann sew fabrics for you?

Yes, Joann is a versatile service provider and product seller company. The customer has the option to simply buy a product, rent a sewing machine, or get benefits for their services of sewing, suit tailoring, and customization to clothes as well as other fabric items such as home decor.

You will be required to give the necessary measurements and information about a dress, and Joann will get it done in the minimum time possible. You can even ask them to use their fabric or you can provide self-bought fabric from any other brand. The cost of sewing varies from region to region.

Do you need to use a sewing machine at Joann fabrics?

You don’t need any major things to use a sewing machine at Joann fabrics as all they will do is ask you for something that can verify your identity and basic information. The tasks may include your identity card, driving license, college card, or any other related document.

Apart from this, you need to bring all the items required to complete the projects as you will only be given a sewing machine. You should have fabric, threads, extra needles, scissors, measuring tape, pins, markers, etc.

Do you require a reservation to use the machine at Joann fabrics?

Yes, you need to make a reservation so that the company can book a slot for you at the time you have asked for it.

Reservation is important so that you don’t have to wait until a sewing machine is available for your desired time.

The company runs a “First Come, First Serve” policy and once the reservation is done, the machine will be 100% available for you at your desired time.

How long can I rent a sewing machine at Joann fabrics?

There is no limitation on how long you can use a sewing machine at Joann fabrics. Their business scenario works on an hourly basis which means that you can use machines as long as you get the job done then they will count the hours and tell you the charges.

Do keep this fact in mind that for the last hour, it will be rounded up to the nearest hour. For example, if you have worked 1 hour and 15 minutes, you will be charged for just 1 hour but if you have worked 1 hour and 40 minutes, you will be charged for 2 hours.

What happens if a sewing machine doesn’t work at Joann?

Every time a reservation is made, Joann fabrics’ professional team thoroughly analyzes and tests the machine to ensure that it will work flawlessly when you arrive in your booked slot. You will be asked to fill out a form with the title Release of Claims (waiver) during reservation.

Once it’s done, if you face any issues or sewing errors in your reserved sewing machine, the Joann customer support team will get the machine fixed or will switch you to another machine. If no sewing machine is available in your time slot, your rental payment will be returned to you without a penny cut.

Benefits of renting a sewing machine from Joann fabrics:

  • You can use a sewing machine of an expensive brand without spending a lot of money.
  • It is great for people who don’t sew frequently and need a sewing machine once in a while.
  • It is best to do it if you need a sewing machine for a week or month, such as before a wedding.
  • As a beginner, sewers can learn to use sewing machines without buying one.
  • You only pay for time, you use the machine.
  • You can perform any minor to major sewing projects by reserving the best suitable sewing machine.
  • You can test sewing machines of different brands before you make a purchase.

Benefits of working at Joann fabrics:

  • Employee discount
  • Paid holidays
  • Comfortable atmosphere
  • Paid vacations
  • Paid sick leaves
  • No uniform as you can work in casual dressing
  • Flexible working schedule
  • Health and life insurance

What is the employee discount at Joann fabrics?

Employee discount is one of the policies of Joann fabrics that allow the store’s employees and their family members to buy machines and other merchandise with a flat 20% discount. This is their beautiful way to appreciate and compensate their team members while inspiring their creative pursuits as well. Some stores offer employee discounts on renting a sewing machine as well.

Can you use gift cards to rent a sewing machine?

Yes, you are allowed to use gift cards to rent a sewing machine. This is a great deal as you can simply buy some products from the website, get a gift card, and then use it to rent a sewing machine whenever you want. If your gift card’s value is less than your hourly rental cost, you can pay the remaining charges in any way you want.


Can I return the unused fabric to Joann?

Yes, you can return unused fabric to Joann but you will be required to show the receipt to the store representative. Don’t worry if you have lost the receipt because you can ask for a refund within the first 90 days of the purpose even without bringing a purchase receipt.

However, it is company policy that you will be refunded money equal to the lowest price of the fabric you are returning in the last 90 days.

When can you rent a sewing machine at Joann fabrics?

The exact answer to this question varies from Joann fabrics store to store. You can rent a sewing machine for the whole day between the store timing in your area. Most stores tend to open from 9 AM to 6 PM while this is not the same in all regions.

So, you should check the store timing in your region to know when you can rent a machine. In terms of days, Joann fabrics offer rental sewing machine services 7 days a week.

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