Do you give the sewing needle elden ring?

You may rarely find a person who doesn’t like to play games especially when it comes to video games that can be enjoyed in the comfort of your home.

The Elden Ring game is one of the new gaming products in the market and seems pretty attractive. Although it seems pretty energetic to play, some people are confused regarding a sewing needle that is given to your avatar but doesn’t do anything at first. The sewing needle remains with you all the time but it cannot be used as a weapon or anything.

Because of these reasons, some users get frustrated and ask, what is a sewing needle in the Elden Ring? Do you give the sewing needle in the Elden Ring? And many other questions like these.

Well, continue reading this article as it will bring necessary information regarding Elden Ring game along with why a sewing needle is given to you. We will also talk about whom you should give the Elden Ring to and what will happen once you do so.

What is the Elden ring?

Elden Ring developed by FromSoftware is a new video game in the market published and launched by Bandai Namco Entertainment on February 25, 2022. It has taken the gaming industry by storm because of its unique designs, storyline, and gameplay.

The storyline was written by George R. R. Martin while the game was directed by Hidetaka Miyazaki. The game is a full package of amazing characters that can fight flawlessly.

You can enjoy many gaming modes and get many free rewards as well. If you are able to unleash the Elden Ring Summons feature, you can invite Ash Spirits that will come along with you to fight your opponents.

Do you give the sewing needle Elden ring?

At first, people think that sewing needles don’t have any purpose because they keep on moving forward and nothing seems relatable to needles but it is not the case. Sewing needle is an important item as it is required for major quests.

The fact is that the sewing needle is not for you to use but it belongs to another character known as BOC. BOC is a demi-human with the shape of a monkey who talks as well.

You can see it near the telescope south of Agheel Lake North on the game map. BOC will call you towards himself with a deep voice and you need to firstly remove the illusion then move forward and give the sewing needle to him.

Do you give BOC the sewing needle?

Yes, you should give the sewing needle to BOC as it will bring you a lot of useful information that may help you to complete your quest in the Elden Ring. You have the option to give a sewing needle to BOC or simply keep it with you. However, giving the sewing needle to BOC should be your final choice as not giving will not bring you any benefits.

Should you keep sewing needles in an Elden ring?

No, you should not keep the sewing needle with you as it will not give you anything good. Simply give the sewing needle to BOC as soon as you see it and he will start telling you a beautiful story about his mother. He will also go through the topic that he always wanted to become a semester just like her mum was.

Where will BOC be to take the sewing needle?

As you know that BOC’s mother was a seamster and he wanted to become the same, you need to take his tailoring tools and sewing needle from two demi-human chefs. When you enter the Site of Grace, you will see that BOC is being held there as a captive and is in bad shape.

So, you need to fight with those two chefs and take all the tools from them. Once you win the fight, you will be given all the tools along with a sewing needle. BOC will call you and take a sewing needle from you if you want to give it.

What happens if you give a sewing needle in the Elden ring?

Many things can happen when you give a sewing needle in the Elden Ring to the BOC. The first thing he will do is start telling you about her mother who was a semester. He will also tell you he always wanted to be a seamstress of high quality just like his mother.

After that, the talking monkey character will offer you his amazing skills and features that will allow you to change your dress, customize your look, and do many other things completely free without requiring any coins.


What is a gold sewing needle in an Edlen ring?

The gold sewing needle is an item that is given to BOC who is a semester as a character.

To get access to the gold sewing needle, you should own at least one legendary boss armor so that you can get the benefits of taking gold sewing needles. Once you give the gold sewing needle to the BOC, you will be able to change your boss armor while the BOC will be able to again start its sewing projects and give services to characters.

What do gold sewing needles do in the Elden ring?

Once you have utilized the gold sewing needles, you can design or modify your clothes while changing them thoroughly as well.

  1. Simply go into the features
  2. Click on the altar garments options
  3. Choose the one that looks attractive
  4. Click Select.
  5. Bang, you have a new armor on your character.

What to do with the unalloyed gold ring?

An unalloyed gold needle is another item that can be found in the Elden Ring game. This needle is firstly supposed to be given to Gowry and after that, it will be passed to Millicent.

Doing so will bring you amazing rewards that can help you carry on playing the game in a better way.

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