What is woven fabric

What is woven fabric?

In my previous blogs, all the fabric types I discussed were based on their fiber types (synthetic or natural). However, we shall be trying something different here as our focus

What is ticking stripe fabric

What is ticking stripe fabric? 

Before the advent of quilting or modern-day bedding fabrics, people from the ancient period wrapped their straw-filled beds with a basic sack known as a tick. This method was adopted

What is Cashmere made out of

What is Cashmere made out of?

Of course, we all love wool fiber fabrics for their durability and thermally insulating qualities. This fiber is obtained from animal fur, the hair that provides these animals warmth during

Is Elastane the same as Spandex

Is Elastane the same as Spandex? 

Elastane fabric may seem like a type you have never seen or heard about. But what if I tell you that most of the activewear and sportswear you see on

Is Minky fabric hard to sew

Is Minky fabric hard to sew?

To be honest with ourselves, not everybody can afford the ridiculous amount that natural fabrics are sold for in the market, hence the reason for introducing synthetic fiber. Some fabric

Is Jute fabric vegan

Is Jute fabric vegan?

This might be shocking, but do you know that neither silk nor wool is the second most popular natural fabric? Sitting in the second position is the Jute fabric. Although

What is Hemp fabric

What is Hemp fabric?

On different occasions, I have met with people who claim they do not like working with cotton fabrics just because of their proneness to shrinkage despite the numerous excellent properties

What is Burlap fabric

What is Burlap fabric? 

When you hear natural fabrics or fiber, what comes to your mind? Cotton? Wool? Silk? I am cocksure those three fibers will be the ones to pop up in your

What is a Twill fabric

What is a Twill fabric? 

With so much already said about the different fabric types, I think it is time we discussed the weave rather than the fiber or the material. Weaving is one of