Satin vs Sateen

Satin vs Sateen

With so many types of fabrics in various fabric stores, it will be impossible not to see at least 2 to 3 fabrics that will be almost identical or have

Is Taffeta good for winter

Is Taffeta good for winter?

If you are the type with an expensive taste in fabrics, chances are that you may have come across Taffeta fabrics on one of your fabric shopping. And if you

Is Poplin a heavy fabric

Is Poplin a heavy fabric? 

Sometimes when we go fabric shopping, we don’t intend to buy the best of the best fabrics: a fabric with a little touch of everything will be enough to make

Is Cupro hard to sew

Is Cupro hard to sew? 

If a group of people is being asked what they do with their old cotton clothes, most of them would say they disposed of them or offered them for charity.

Can you sew latex fabrics

Can you sew latex fabrics?

Every fabric has a unique property that makes it stand out from myriad options in the fashion business. For the latex fabric, it is its shimmering and shiny quality. These

Is Sunbrella fabric hard to sew

Is Sunbrella fabric hard to sew? 

Day in and day out, homeowners are continuing to get more innovative when it comes to selecting materials to be used for their furniture. With so many options in the

Is Batik hard to sew

Is Batik hard to sew?

Since time immemorial, people have been adopting different ways of making patterns on fabrics. But unfortunately, due to the rapid development in the fabric-making industry, most of these ancient pattern-making

What is reflective fabric

What is reflective fabric?

If you have seen some of my write-ups, you should be aware of how much I love talking about how technology influences the fashion industry’s working patterns. The reflective fabrics

What is Salonika fabric

What is Salonika fabric?

Working as a fashion designer will require you to work with several fabrics every day. Therefore as a designer, you will need to acquire as much information as you can

Is Moda fabric good quality

Is Moda fabric good quality?

In the fashion world, a new day is another day for exploration: there are always new designs and styles to work with daily. And with this increase in the demand