What is a yarn-dyed fabric

What is a yarn-dyed fabric?

When you look at different options, you may start wondering why some fabrics are unique and have different looks than others. The thing is that this factor not only stops

What is polyamide fabric

What is polyamide fabric?

Once you step into the clothing market, you know that there are plenty of different types of fabrics. You will undoubtedly have an idea about most fabrics there, but you

Is chiffon fabric stretchy

Is chiffon fabric stretchy?

If you are looking for a fabric that is comfy and elegant at the same time and can be worn at different events and activities, you should directly go for

What is spun polyester fabric

What is spun polyester fabric?

Everyone wants to try new fabrics so that they can enjoy all colours of life while discovering new things. If you want versatile fabrics that have a long life and