Are Warwick fabrics good

Are Warwick fabrics good?

When going fabric shopping, getting to know the brand behind the fabric, you are going for is as important as knowing the fabric itself. Well, it is no news that

Is Kona Cotton Good for Dresses

Is Kona Cotton Good for Dresses

Before you choose to make a dress with any particular fabric, you get a question in your mind that is this fabric good for making dresses? It’s because everyone wants

Velvet vs Velveteen

Velvet vs Velveteen

Humans have to wear clothes to stay modest while preventing them from different environmental factors as well. As this is one of the few essentials that everybody has to go

Is olefin fabric waterproof

Is olefin fabric waterproof?

We live in a world where people look for things that seem impossible and in this journey, they create something which transforms the impossible into the possible. One such thing

How to determine if fabric is 100 cotton

How to determine if fabric is 100 cotton

Cotton is a comprehensive fabric that has a ton of different characteristics. Because of these reasons, it is further divided into a wide range of fabric types and blends which

Does silk fabric stretch

Does silk fabric stretch

Silk has been in the sewing industry and clothing world from the beginning of time. As the fabric gives a royal look while being luxurious, silk is one of the

What is interlock knit fabric

What is interlock knit fabric?

Interlock knit fabric is one of the most commonly used and popular fabrics mainly because of its versatility as it can be used in different kinds of sewing projects and

Is polypropylene fabric waterproof

Is polypropylene fabric waterproof?

Polypropylene is a fabric that is made of plastic-based materials and can be found in a wide range of types with varying properties and characteristics. Because of its versatility and

Can you spray paint fabric

Can you spray paint fabric?

Dyeing is the process being used from the beginning of time but we all know that it is a painful procedure and doesn’t offer much customization. You can dye fabric