How to keep fabrics from fraying

How to keep fabrics from fraying

A successful sewing project is an absolute perfection — every single step must be flawless. Your stitches must be neatly done, work with an accurate measurement, and most importantly, your

Grommet vs Eyelet

Grommet vs Eyelet

A grommet is a ring-like metal that is inserted into a hole between thin material, which often time can be a sheet of composite carbon fiber or metal, wood or

What is Lyocell fabric

What is Lyocell fabric? 

Lyocell is a plant-based fiber used in making varieties of articles of clothing. Somehow, since its discovery, this interesting fabric has found its way into several fabric stores around the

What is Rayon fabric

What is Rayon fabric? 

Rayon is a unique fabric that takes on the properties of some other types of fabrics: it is as soft as silk and as good to wear as cotton fabrics.

What is Muslin fabric

What is Muslin fabric? 

The fashion industry is populated with different types of fabric, and no matter what project you want to execute, there will always be a material to satisfy your fabric need.

What is batting fabric

What is batting fabric?

Many sewists do a quilt almost every day but don’t know anything about batting. They all consider it just as a thing made of polyester or something which comes in

What is jacquard fabric

What is jacquard fabric?

Jacquard is one of the few fabrics that can be found in almost all households in one form or another. There could be jacquard weaves in your curtains, upholstery, couches,

Chiffon vs Tulle vs Organza

Chiffon vs Tulle vs Organza

A wedding dress is probably the most important thing for a bride on her special day but finding the best one is quite a messy job as well. When you

Do fabric markers wash out

Do fabric markers wash out?

Fabric markers are in the play for a long time and they are becoming more and more popular with each passing day. When you make a Google search about fabric

What fabric does velcro stick to

What fabric does velcro stick to?

Velcro is a well-known item and is widely used for different purposes all around the world. Some people use it for toys or clothes, while others attach any two things