Grommet vs Eyelet

A grommet is a ring-like metal that is inserted into a hole between thin material, which often time can be a sheet of composite carbon fiber or metal, wood or honeycomb, or a sheet of textile fabric. This edging strip can be made of plastic, rubber, or metal, and they are usually secured by attaching a collar to them.

Eyelets, on the other hand, are perforations or small holes used along with a cord or hook by seamsters as a fastening tool. 

Grommet vs Eyelet

In fashion, these two accessories are used for similar purposes, albeit with slight differences; hence, they are often used interchangeably. This is an erroneous inference, and that is why in this article, I will be comparing Grommet vs eyelet with the sole aim of unraveling the obscurity surrounding the differences between these two accessories. 

Difference between grommet and eyelet


In terms of usage, both Grommet and Eyelet are used for similar purposes — they are both used for reinforcing holes on fabrics. Beyond that, all that is left are differences between the two accessories. 


  1. Grommets are used for heavy-duty materials, while Eyelets are best used on fabrics and materials that are lighter 
  2. Grommets come in 2 piece set, while eyelets come in a single piece. 
  3. A grommet press machine is used for setting grommets, whereas an eyelet press is used for setting eyelets. 
  4. Grommet has a bulky and heavy appearance, whereas eyelets are shiny and catchy. 

Eyelet vs Grommet leather 

Grommet leather is grommets that are specially designed to be used for leather materials. You can find this kind of grommets on any items like bags and clothes made with leather and retain most of the qualities of the original grommets.

Eyelet for leather, on the other hand, instead of serving functional purposes, is often used for decorative purposes. You can find this kind of eyelet as an embellishment or as the finished look on jewelry. 

Grommet vs eyelet curtains

Both grommet and eyelets can be used for curtains. However, while a Grommet is best used for heavier curtains and drapes, eyelets are best used for lightweight curtains like sheer curtains. 

Which is stronger, eyelet or grommet? 

Compared to eyelets, grommets are stronger, and that is why they are more suitable for materials or installations like heavy curtains or drapes or permanent signage, which requires prolonged reinforcement and firm hold. 

Are grommet curtains easy to open and close? 

Yes, it is very easy to open and close grommet curtains. Grommet curtains usually have several rings, which make it easy for the curtain to slide through the curtain rod.

Therefore, because it is easy to slide the curtains back and forth, it will also be easy to open and close the curtains. 

How to use the eyelet grommet tool

The tools used for eyelets and grommets include; a grommet plier for small eyelets and grommets or a setter and anvil for large grommets. You will find details on how they can be used below. 

Setter and Anvil

  1. Set the eyelet in the anvil, ensuring that the post is facing up with the washer directed towards your direction. 
  2. Place the eyelet tool into the post and hammer. 

 The grommet plier 

  1. Pick the plier and set the grommet on the side of the plier with the hole and the grommet bump facing up. 
  2. Place the paper or fabric on the top of the grommet and squeeze the plier until you cannot squeeze any further. 
  3. The grommet should be set once you release your grip on the plier. 

How to install eyelet grommet 

  1. Use a seam ripper to mark the spot where you intend to insert the eyelet. Before that, you can place the fabric on scrap wood. Then make a hole into the fabric using the sharp end of the seam ripper. 
  2. Set the eyelet into the punctured hole. Widen the hole as required so that the eyelet can fit in. Then flip over the fabric so that the eyelet will be upside down. 
  3. Set Philip’s head screwdriver (just a bit of the tip) at the center of the eyelet. Hold it in place and gently tap the top with a hammer. Continue to tap until the bit is digging through the wood underneath. Then remove the bit. 
  4. Fold down the four sides (the shape that is formed after hammering in the tip) of the eyelet center using the edge of the screwdriver. At this stage, the four sides do not necessarily have to be completely flat. 
  5. Place the center of the eyelet on the knot in the scrap wood and hammer the four sides into a completely flat shape. 

What are Grommets used for sewing? 

Grommets are used in sewing to reinforce holes in fabrics. 

Grommet kit 

The grommet kit contains tools essential for the installation of a Grommet. Some of the tools found in a Grommet kit include; a washer ring, metal rod and convex tip used for insertion, and hole punch grommets. 

Eyelet kit 

Tools that are found inside an eyelet kit include; a leather hole punch tool and a round tabular hole punch. 

Eyelet grommet sizes 

You will find grommets in various sizes ranging from ⅛ to 2 in size. And as for eyelets, you will find them mostly in their standard size of 1/3. Although they also exist in other sizes like ¼ or ³/16. 

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