How to Fix a Ripped Seam without Sewing

Your favorite cloth just got ripped and you don’t know how to fix it because you are not good at sewing?

Don’t throw away the cloth yet because you can fix it even without sewing if the tear is small.

How to Fix a Ripped Seam without Sewing

In this article, we will show you how to fix a ripped seam without sewing. You will learn all the methods step by step.

What can fix a ripped seam without sewing?

Following is the list of items that can help you fix a ripped seam without sewing:

  • Fabric glue
  • Hemming tape
  • Garment tape
  • Needle and thread

In addition, you will also need a scissor, iron, and parchment paper to follow some of the methods given below.

Ways to fix a ripped seam without sewing

Here we will explore 5 easy ways to fix a ripped seam without any sewing. Read and follow your favorite method to solve the problem forever:

1- Apply fabric glue

Fabric glue is the same as the normal glue we use at home. The difference is that it is made for joining fabric together without sewing.

This glue is washable and it joins two ends of the fabric so strongly that the bond does not break even if you machine wash the cloth.

  1. First of all, you should apply the fabric glue to one side of the tear.
  2. Now take the other side of the tear and press it on the top of the other end where you applied the glue.
  3. Hold for a while and then let the fabric glue dry completely before you use the cloth.
  4. If there’s a tiny hole, you can add some fabric glue and pinch both ends together.

Fabric glue does not stain the clothes and you can also use it for joining buttons, laces, appliqués, and decorative pieces on the fabric. It is a safe and quick solution for fixing a ripped seam.

2- Patch the ripped seam

The second-best solution is to patch the ripped seam with a new piece of cloth. The color of the patched cloth can be the same as your clothes OR you can use a different color to look more stylish.

You can either patch the ripped seam from the inside or the outside. Both ways are good and help fix the tear.

Patching from inside

If you want to patch the ripped seam from inside, here’s what to do:

  1. Evenly cut the ripped area.
  2. Now turn the cloth inside out.
  3. Take the piece of cloth you are going to use for patching and place it directly over the spot.
  4. Now either sew the sides of the cloth or use fabric glue to join it to the fabric.
  5. Let the glue dry before using the fabric again.

Patching from outside

If you want to patch the fabric from the outside, here are the steps to follow:

  1. Fold the sides of the piece of cloth you want to use as a patch.
  2. Apply fabric glue to the torn area.
  3. Now place the patch of cloth directly over the torn area, where you had applied the fabric glue.
  4. Hold it for a while and let it completely dry before using the cloth again.

This method is excellent in cases when the tear is quite big.

3- Apply hemming tape

Hemming tape is a very quick way to fix ripped seam without sewing. It is as good as using glue.

When you heat hemming tape, its glue melts and joins the fabric together.

  1. Turn the cloth inside out.
  2. Apply hemming tape over the tear and try to stick the fabric together to cover the hole.
  3. Place some parchment paper on the hemming tape you just applied. It will prevent the tape from sticking to your iron.
  4. Turn on the iron and set it on the lowest heat setting.
  5. Now put the iron over the parchment paper and hold it for a couple of seconds.
  6. The hemming tape will melt and stick to the clothes. This way the tears on your fabric will be joined together.
  7. Let the fabric completely dry before you even move.
  8. Finally, you can remove the parchment paper and enjoy wearing the clothes. The ripped seam will be fixed.

Hemming tape solution is very effective and can be performed anywhere. Since you have applied the tape on the internal side of the fabric, the hemming tape won’t be visible to anyone. But from the outside, your clothes will look perfect as if there was no tear at all.

4- Use garment tape

Garment tape is a temporary solution for fixing a ripped seam without sewing. It requires no heating. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Flip the fabric inside out.
  2. Join the ripped ends of the fabric together and apply garment tape on all ends to hold the fabric together.
  3. Apply solid pressure on the garment tape so it sticks there for a while.

Now your cloth will look perfectly fine from the outside. However, the tape may get removed when you wash the cloth. That’s why it is a one-time temporary fix.

5- Apply stitches

This method is for those who can use a needle and thread to make basic stitches. Here’s what to do:

  1. Thread your needle.
  2. Cut the thread but make sure to leave enough thread for stitching the ripped area of fabric.
  3. If you are a beginner, you should use running stitches or back stitches to fix the ripped seam.
  4. When you reach the end of the torn area while stitching, you should tie a very tight knot. It will ensure that the stitches do not get loose and there are no wrinkles.

You only need a thread and needle for this method and you can do it with your hand.

That’s the end!

These were the 5 easiest methods to fix a ripped seam without sewing.

No doubt that sewing is the most effective and long-lasting solution for a ripped seam.

However, if you cannot sew the ripped area due to any reason, you can try following any of your favorite methods given above and get the job done. These methods are very effective especially when you are in a hurry.

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