How to soften quilting cotton

Comparing quilting cotton, apparel cotton, and lawn cotton is a conversation you would see quilters and sewers have on several occasions. That is very necessary, though, considering how closely related these different fabric forms are.

However, we are not doing that here, and our goal is to make you understand better what quilting cotton is. Well, as you may already know, quilting cotton is made with 100% cotton and designed to be used for quilting which means the property of regular cotton are improved to make them suitable for quilting requirements.

How to soften quilting cotton

And because this fabric is usually stiffer and heavier than regular cotton, people are always curious to know how to soften quilting cotton fabrics. You will find tips on how to solve this puzzle in this article. 

What is quilting cotton?

What is Quilting Cotton and Can I Use it to Make Clothing? How to Use Quilting Cotton for Clothing

Quilting cotton is a 100% cotton material known for its medium-weight and plain weave pattern. Unlike regular or apparel cotton, this cotton type hardly loses its shape even after being washed and initially used for quilting and patchwork projects.

This fabric is also called craft cotton and exists in various patterns, and you will find them in different categories of printed designs. 

How do you soften quilting cotton?

You can simply soften the quilting cotton fabric by soaking it in a fabric softener. Then you can dry the fabric afterward with tennis balls or wool dryer balls. The fabric can also be washed to soften them: the more you wash the garment, the softer they get. 

What is quilting cotton used for?

Traditionally, quilting cotton is not designed for garment making, but that does not mean you would not see this fabric being used to make some garment designs. So, apart from quilting, you will also likely see them used for accessories or home sewing projects. 

What is quilting cotton good for?

Even though quilting cotton can be used for several projects like making home decor, bags, applique pieces, kitchen accessories, and many other projects, this fabric type is more suitable for quilting patchwork projects.

This is because the fabric is specially made for this purpose, which is why they are made to be slightly more challenging than regular cotton so that you can wear and wash them. 

How is quilting fabric made?

Cotton fibers will be woven raw with a high thread count to begin the production process. This stage is followed by the printing of the material and also dying it to give it bright-colored patterns that are also rather appealing.

At the final stage, manufacturers apply some additives to the fabric to make it more suitable for quilting. 

What is the difference between quilting cotton and regular cotton?

You should know that both quilting and regular cotton are made with 100% cotton, so it can be hard to tell the difference. Nonetheless, you can still tell the difference between these two with their thread count. 

Quilting cotton fabrics usually give higher thread counts, which makes them heavier than regular cotton. Hence, you can be able to tell the difference between these fabrics just by feeling them with your fingers. 

How much does quilting cotton shrink?

How much quilting cotton shrinks depends on the type of cotton fabrics used and the condition. However, most quilting cotton will shrink by only about 3%, but some will assume the 5% shrinkage quality of regular cotton. 

How wide is quilting cotton?

A typical quilting Cotton will have a width of about 40 inches, but sometimes, it can be a bit longer. 

How to wash quilting cotton

Wash your quilting cotton the regular way (whether in the machine or by hand) using a mild detergent in cool water.

Once it is thoroughly cleaned, then you can dry the fabric in a dryer with low heat, making sure to remove them from the dryer immediately after it gets dry.

If you like to press the quilting fabrics afterward, please do so, as it will make working with them much more straightforward. 

Can you use any fabric for quilting?

Yes, you can use any fabric for quilting. In as much as it will be to use quitting fabrics like the quilting cotton we have been talking about so far in this article for your quilting project, you can also use regular fabrics for your quilting desires.

However, in doing so, make sure to use cotton fabrics of equal weight and that you use the appropriate needle weight and good-quality cotton thread. 

Where is quilting fabric made?

Although quilting as a sewing technique began in Sweeden, the fabric we use and call quilting fabrics today are from India. 

Is quilting cotton good for masks?

Yeah, quilting cotton fabrics are suitable for making masks. Face masks made from quitting fabrics fit the face better than any other than those made with materials that are loosely tied.

This claim is further corroborated by researchers’ claim that masks made with several layers of quilting fabrics can help reduce respiratory droplets. 

Is quilting cotton woven?

Yes, quilting cotton is woven. Quilting cotton is a plain woven fabric, which means they are woven. Often manufacturers weave this fabric before it is printed, which explains why the print of the fabric may appear off-grain sometimes. 

Is quilting cotton medium-weight?

Yes, quilting cotton is a medium-weight fabric. 

Quilting fabrics are designed in such a way that they will not be too light or heavy for quilting purposes, and their width is usually within 115cm. 

Is quitting cotton stretchy?

Yes, quitting cotton can stretch. Well, quitting cotton, to some extent, can be referred to as cotton as they are made of 100% material, which means, like cotton, it will also stretch when wet. However, quitting cotton is not a stretchy material. 

Is quilting cotton thick?

Yes, quilting cotton is thick. Quilting fabric is an in-between fabric when in terms of textile heaviness. This fabric is made to be neither too light nor too heavy. So we can say it is thick to a certain degree. 

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