Is a coverstitch machine worth it?

As a fashion designer, you will have to deal with all sorts of fabrics on a daily basis. Everything may be going on smoothly for you until you have to hem a stretchy material, and that’s where the coverstitch machine comes in. Don’t get me wrong, though. You can use your regular sewing machine to hem stretchy materials too, just that coverstich machines are specially designed to hem stretchy materials with secured stitches.

However, compared to the regular sewing machines, coverstich sewing machines are very expensive and with limited usage. For these reasons, sewers always wonder “if a coverstitch machine is worth it”. I will be providing credible information about this sewing tool in this article to help you to decide its worthiness. Keep reading for details!

What is a coverstich machine?

A coverstich machine is a sewing tool that is used for creating more than one row of hems on T-shirts, making two-fold needle edge on jeans or T-shirts, knitting clothes in different styles, and hemming flexible fabrics. With the use of coverstitch machines, it will be easier for both professional and fashion trainees to hem stretchy clothing fabrics like Jersey, rayon, spandex, lycra, and woolen clothes.

Is it worth buying a coverstich machine?

Yes, a coverstich machine is worth it. If, as a designer, your job requires that you work with stretchy fabrics or you make T-shirts a lot, you have to invest in coverstitch machines if you want to remain relevant in the highly competitive market. This is because those neat hems and double-fold needle edges you see and admire on quality denim are all done using a coverstich machine.

As a starter, you may not understand this, but in the long run, you will realize how quality can have a multiplier effect on your income. This is one of the things investing in a coverstich machine can do for you.

Should I buy a coverstitch machine?

Yes, you should buy a coverstich machine. Coverstich machine is a worthwhile investment, which means if you can afford it, you should buy it. Asides from that converstitch machine will help to upgrade the quality of your brand, and you will also enjoy a positive effect on your income and reputation.

When to use a coverstitch machine?

Use coverstitch machines when you are working with knitted fabrics or stretchy materials. They will provide them with a more secure finishing. In just a pass, a coverstich machine can cover the raw edge of a hem with stretchy stitches.

How does a coverstitch machine work?

A coverstitch machine work by hemming a piece of fabric whenever necessary. So how does it operate?

The machine has a looper section which creates a straight stitch that is also very pleasing to the eyes as a basic chain stitch. This stitch helps to retain the original stretchiness of fabrics which is one of the reasons people consider coverstiches as an indispensable sewing tool.

Why buy a coverstitch machine?

Below are some of the reasons you need a coverstich machine.

Which is the best coverstitch machine?

There are lots of high-quality coverstitch machines out there, and to be honest, it will be hard to pick which is the best among them. Nevertheless, I have managed to come up with a list of the 6 best coverstitch machines. Check the list below.

Note that the models listed here are not arranged in a particular order.

What thread do you use in a coverstich machine?

When it comes to the kind of thread to use in your coverstich machine, you don’t have to over-stress yourself getting one because you can make use of the regular polyester thread. But if you can get a looper thread, it will be better because they create stable stitches or hem. 

What to look for in a coverstitch machine?

A coverstitch machine is a worthwhyyile investment, but what will ensure that you get optimum service from your investment is getting a coverstitch machine of good quality. Below are some of the features you need to look out for before deciding to buy a particular coverstitch machine.

Note that you may not see all these features in a single model but it would be rewarding to see at least 4 of these features in a model.

Why does my coverstitch machine skip stitches?

How many threads should I use with my coverstitch machine?

Depends on the design of the coverstitch machine you have. But most coverstitch work with 3 threads. That does not mean you cannot work with 2 threads though, because some stitch machines are designed for double-stitched hems.

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