Is Elastane the same as Spandex? 

Elastane fabric may seem like a type you have never seen or heard about. But what if I tell you that most of the activewear and sportswear you see on your favorite athletes are made with this fabric? Now the fabric seems more familiar than you imagined, and I am sure it does! 

Elastane is the general term describing branded textiles like Lycra or Spandex. These fabric types are generally known for their stretchiness and are used majorly for making activewear like yoga leggings, hiking shirts, swimsuits, and many others.

Is Elastane the same as Spandex

And because Elastane shares similar properties with other fabric types like Spandex, people always confuse these fabrics for each other. But is Elastane the same as Spandex? This article provides a detailed answer to this highly controversial question. 

What is Elastane fabric?

Elastane fabric is the general term for branded textiles such as Spandex or Lycra.

This fabric type is known for its incredible elasticity, resulting from the long-chain polymer used in the composition of the textile. Elastane fabric is made of 100% synthetic material, and there has never been an attempt to produce this fabric from organic material. 

What is Spandex?

Spandex is a synthetic material made from a long-chain polyglycol mixed with a short di-isocyanate and 85% polyurethane.

This fabric is commonly called an Elastomer because it tends to stretch and recoil when released. Spandex is often compared to rubber but is mainly considered a better option because it is more versatile, lighter, and stronger. 

Are Elastane and Spandex the same?

Spandex Vs Elastane - What's The Difference? (Sportswear Secrets)

Yes, Elastane is the same as Spandex.

Spandex is one of the several names Elastane fabrics called simply because both are stretchy. But what most people do not know is that Elastane is the fabric’s fiber, while Spandex is just a brand name given to a fabric made from Elastane fiber.

Another famous exile of Elastane fiber fabric is Lycra

What’s the difference between Elastane and Spandex?

First, you should know that Elastane and Spandex have no significant differences. However, the only slight difference between these two materials is that Elastane is the synthetic fiber used in elastic fabrics. Spandex is the brand name given to the fabric made with Elastane material.

Another main difference between these two terms is that Elastane is more common in Europe, while Spandex is a common term used in Northern America. 

Which one is better, Spandex or Elastane?

There is no need for comparison between Spandex and Elastane because even though these terms are similar, they are still very different in the sense that one is a fabric brand name, while the other is the fiber used in making the fabric. This comparison can be likened to a 100% wool fabric with wool fiber. 

Is Elastane as stretchy as Spandex?

Yes, Elastane is as stretchy as Spandex, and Spandex is a brand name known for its incredible elasticity.

Since this fabric is made with a chemical fiber known as Elastane, that means Elastane determines the extent to which Spandex fabric can stretch. 

What kind of fabric is Elastane?

Elastane is not a fabric but a lightweight synthetic fiber used in making all kinds of stretchy attire like sports wears. 

What is the generic name for Spandex?

The generic name for Spandex or Lycra is Elastane. 

Is Elastane safe to wear?

Yes, it is safe to wear Elastane. You can wear any fabrics made with Elastane material, whether Spandex or Lycra because allergies to the fiber are rare.

However, you should also know that Elastane is a chemical fiber, and it contains polyurethane which could cause asthma reactions, lung irritation, headaches, and swelling of the brain if exposed to it for a long time. 

What percentage of Elastane is stretchy?

Elastane is naturally a synthetic fiber made with polyurethane, a raw material presumed to be as stretchy as rubber.

Elastane fiber can stretch up to about 700% without showing signs of wearing. This fiber also can return to its original shape after being stretched. 

Does Elastane shrink in the dryer?

Yes, Elastane will shrink in the dryer. Although Elastane fiber is resistant to heat, it will shrink if you dry Spandex or Lycra in the dryer or wash the fabric in hot settings. 

What is Elastane fabric feel like?

Elastane fabrics have a rubber-like texture and feel very smooth to the touch. And because of this, they are not susceptible to pilling or creasing. 

Does Elastane keep you warm?

No, Elastane fabrics cannot keep you warm. Unlike wool fabrics, Elastane fabrics do not have very impressive insulation properties that can keep the body warm during the cold season.

Instead of trapping heat within your body, this fabric allows heat to escape because they are too thin to hold onto them. 

Is Elastane a breathable fabric?

Elastane fabrics are breathable. Elastane fabric may not be the best at keeping heat within the body, but this fabric sure can ensure that the cloth does not stay uncomfortably wet for a long time. This is largely due to its ability to absorb moisture and dry immediately. 

Is Elastane better than polyester?

Yes, Elastane is better than polyester. In most cases, Elastane is usually rated higher than polyester fabric, and this, to a large extent, is due to its elasticity. 


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