Is Kona Cotton Good for Dresses

Before you choose to make a dress with any particular fabric, you get a question in your mind that is this fabric good for making dresses? It’s because everyone wants to choose the perfect fabric for their clothes.

People often ask us, is kona cotton good quality? Is kona cotton soft and good for dresses/quilting? The answer is yes!

Is Kona Cotton Good for Dresses

This article will explain all the pros and cons of Kona cotton and why it is a good choice for making Kona cotton dresses.

KONA Cotton Fabric Experiment

What exactly is Kona cotton?

Kona cotton is created and manufactured by Robert Kaufman, a popular company that has been producing quality fabrics for the past 50 years.

It is lightweight quilting cotton that has high durability and strength. Moreover, Kona cotton has minimal shrinkage, and it is very easy to work with.

What is Kona cotton fabric used for?

Kona cotton fabric is commonly used for making apparel. Since Kona cotton is thick and highly durable, it is often used for making waist and neckties.

Apart from that, Kona cotton is also used for making various dresses because it is available in more than 300 different colors. So, people love it because you have so many choices.

Is Kona cotton good quality?

Yes, Kona cotton is of good quality.

The reason is that Kona is 100% cotton and it never gets distorted or stretched when you are working with it. The fabric is very thick and durable which means that it can be used for making good quality clothes.

Another good reason is that the color of Kona cotton does not bleed during the wash. This fabric also does not shrink too frequently and that is why it is preferred by people for making dresses.

Is Kona cotton suitable for dresses?

Yes, Kona cotton is a good fabric for making dresses.

The quality of this fabric and the variety of color choices make Kona cotton an ideal choice for dresses.

It has all the properties that you need in your dress, like durability, thickness, resistance to color bleeding, and shrinkage.

Why use Kona cotton for dresses?

Here are the top reasons why Kona cotton is an excellent option for dresses:

1. It is 100% Cotton

Kona cotton is not blended like other fabrics such as cotton polyester and cotton rayon.

It is 100% cotton which makes it a very soft fabric. You will enjoy wearing it as a dress.

You can easily determine if a fabric is 100% cotton or not with the help of our secret tips.

2. Easy to work with

The best thing about Kona cotton is that it never gets frayed, distorted, or stretched when you are working with it.

This is an excellent quality that matters a lot when you are making clothes with this fabric.

If you want to prevent your fabric from fraying, you can learn special tips from our experts.

3. Long lasting fabric

Kona cotton is thick and has high durability. This fabric lasts longer and gives long life to your clothes.

It is for the same reason that Kona cotton is used in those parts of clothes that are excessively used.

4. Minimum shrinkage

A lot of fabrics start shrinking after you wash or wear them once or twice.

However, Kona cotton is highly resistant to shrinking which makes it a very durable fabric and the ideal choice for making dresses.

If you are confused that whether should I prewash quilting fabrics like Kona cotton or not, you are recommended to read our detailed guide on it.

5. No color bleeding

Kona cotton fabric is available in so many different colors. But the best thing is that its colors never bleed out during the wash.

6. Unlimited color choices

Kona Cotton by Robert Kaufman is available in 300-350 different colors.

It means that you can easily find your favorite color for the dress. Moreover, the variety of color shades allows you to create beautiful colorful dresses that you can wear during the scorching summer heat.

7. No harmful chemicals are used

Many fabrics are treated with harmful chemicals to make them stiff, stain-resistant, and reduce their flammability.

On the other hand, Kona cotton by Robert Kaufman is certified to have no toxic chemicals used in its production, finishing, and processing.

It means you can use this fabric without worrying about getting exposed to harmful chemicals.

Who manufactures Kona cotton?

Kona cotton is manufactured by Robert Kaufman. This company has been successfully producing top-quality fabrics over the last 50 years.

What type of dresses can you make with Kona cotton?

Kona cotton can be used for making a variety of clothes. Here are some suggestions:

1. Blouses

Since Kona cotton is soft and thick, you can use it for making crispy blouses that remain away from the body.

2. Pajamas and shorts

You can make pajamas or shorts with Kona cotton and wear them indoors during the summer.

3. A-line skirts

Kona cotton can make perfect A-line skirts because it is quilting fabric and can stay in solid shape even if you are moving.

4. Clemence skirts

As Kona cotton is thick and sturdy, it is an ideal choice for making clemence skirts as well. This fabric will hold the perfect shape of a skirt.

These are a few ideas only and you can make much more stuff with Kona Cotton.

What dresses you should not make with Kona cotton?

Kona cotton is good for making clothes that are loose and stay away from your body.

You should not use Kona cotton for making tight-fitting clothes and avoid using it on areas like sleeves.

The reason is that Kona cotton is quilting fabric and such fabrics are not much flexible. Hence, you will face difficulty when you try to move your arms.

Similarly, if you will use Kona cotton for making tight-fitting clothes, you may feel irritated because this fabric is not as flexible as the normal fabrics.

Is Kona cotton good for summer or winter dresses?

It depends on the thickness of the fabric and your local weather.

If the Kona cotton you have purchased is thick and less breathable, then wearing it in summer will make you feel more warm and uncomfortable. Therefore, it will be a good idea to make winter dresses to stay warm.

However, if you feel that the Kona cotton is breathable and the temperature in your area is also not too high, then you can use Kona cotton in summer as well.

Is it hard to sew a dress with Kona cotton?

If you have basic sewing knowledge and experience, you can easily make a dress with quilting fabrics like Kona cotton. It is not quite hard but if you get stuck somewhere, there is plenty of helpful information available on the internet.

However, if you are a complete beginner with no hands-on experience in sewing and you want to make a dress with Kona cotton, we recommend you first get an overall idea of how hard is it to sew a dress in our special guide for beginners. It will help you determine if you can do it alone or if you need more practice and knowledge.

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