Janome Sewing Machine Error Codes

Sewing machine errors can make sewing frustrating. You might encounter a strange error code and then waste hours trying to figure out what is wrong with the sewing machine.

This is why every sewing lover needs to know about the error codes of their sewing machine and its solutions.

If you use a Janome sewing machine, this article is for you. We are going to explore all the Janome sewing machine error codes, their causes, and solutions.

Error codes of Janome sewing machine

Here are the error codes that appear most frequently on the Janome sewing machine:

Janome sewing machine error code E00 (communication error with RCS)

Cause of error:

When there is a communication problem between the RCS unit and your sewing machine, you get an error code E00.

In this error, the machine might not display the error code on the RCS. What might happen is that the screen will get stuck at the welcome page and may not move beyond that.


Here are three solutions to this error:

  1. Turn off your sewing machine and wait for at least 2 minutes and then restart the sewing machine.
  2. Inspect the RCS plug and the connection that goes into the RCS unit, connector, and B-board of the machine. Make sure there is no damage.
  3. Try using another RCS unit to find out which part of the machine has a problem.

Janome sewing machine error code E01 (initializing problem)

Cause of error:

The error E01 occurs when the stepping motor of the sewing machine is initializing incorrectly, struggling to initialize, or not initializing at all.


Here are a couple of ways to solve this problem:

  1. Turn off the sewing machine. Wait for a while and then restart the machine again.
  2. Press the Reverse and Start/Stop buttons and turn on the sewing machine at the same time. Stop pressing the buttons when the icons appear on the screen.

Janome sewing machine error code E02 (needle bar switching problem)

Cause of error:

When the needle bar of your sewing machine struggles or fails to switch then you get error code E02.


Power off the sewing machine and restart it after a while.

Janome sewing machine error code E03 (needle bar is at wrong position)

Cause of error:

When the needle bar of your sewing machine is out of position, the error code E03 appears on the screen.


Hit the enter button and it will reset your sewing machine. This will help solve the error E03.

Janome sewing machine error code E04 (driving motor malfunctions)

Cause of error:

The error code E04 appears when the driving motor of your sewing malfunctions. It mostly happens when the motor is overloaded.


To fix this, you need to remove the threads that have jammed the motor or eliminate any other factor that caused the driving motor to overload.

After 20 seconds, the LCD screen of your machine will display “Ready to Sew” mode. It is a sign that you can now resume sewing. Otherwise, try restarting the sewing machine.

Janome sewing machine error code E05 (needle thread is broken)

Cause of error:

The error code E05 always appears when you run out of the needle thread OR when the needle thread breaks due to any reason.


First, you need to press the Mode button as it will take you back to the “Ready to Sew” mode. After that, pull out the broken thread (if any) and then rethread your sewing machine again.

Janome sewing machine error code E06 (incorrect needle bar settings)

Cause of error:

This error mainly occurs when the needle bar settings of your sewing machine are incorrect.


Go back to the “ready to sew” mode by pressing the MODE button. After that, you need to set the needle bar number to get rid of this error.

Janome sewing machine error code E07 (auto thread cutter is not working)

Cause of error:

The error code E07 appears on the screen when the auto thread cutter of your sewing machine is not working.


The problem can be solved by switching off the sewing machine and then turning it on after a while.

Janome sewing machine error code E08 (tension disks opened)

Cause of error:

If you open the tension disks of your sewing machine while stitching, you will get an error E08 on the screen.


To solve this error, here’s what you must do:

  1. You need to pull the tension lever of your sewing machine. It will close the tension disks and you will see “Ready to Sew” mode displayed on the screen which indicates that the error is gone and you can continue sewing.
  2. Check if the tension lever is not engaged and causing the tension disks to open.
  3. Do not open the tension disks again while stitching to avoid this error.

Janome sewing machine error code E09 (upper shaft at wrong position)

Cause of error:

When there is something wrong with the stop position of the upper shaft, you get the error code E09.


This error can be solved by disconnecting the power supply of the sewing machine and then restarting it after some time.

Janome sewing machine replace the DC motor error

When your Janome sewing machine completes 1,000 hours of working, it displays a message saying “Replace the DC motor”.

It is not an error but a reminder for you that it is time to change the DC motor of the sewing machine. In such a case, you need to contact the dealer you purchased this machine from and they will help you replace the DC motor.

We recommend you change the DC motor on time as it helps your sewing machine to work smoothly.

Janome sewing machine audible error signals

In some cases, the Janome sewing machine makes an audible error noise instead of showing an error code. Let’s see what different audible error signals mean:

Janome sewing machine pip sound

You will hear a pip sound when you have performed a normal operation.

Janome sewing machine pip-pip-pip-pip sound

You will hear the pip-pip-pip-pip sound when you have performed an invalid operation or there is a malfunction.

Janome sewing machine pip-pip sound

When you hear the pip-pip sound, it means that the color of the thread has changed.

Janome sewing machine pip-peep-pip-peep sound

The pip-peep-pip-peep sound is a symbol that embroidery has been completed.

Janome sewing machine peep sound

When you only hear a peep sound, it suggests that there is some malfunction in the sewing machine.

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