Why is quilting so expensive

Why is quilting so expensive?

Have you ever walked up to a fabric store to get some materials for your next sewing project only to see some beautiful quilt designs you thought would look good

Should I prewash quilting fabric

Should I prewash quilting fabric?

Nowadays, it is becoming a norm for seamsters to wash fabrics before they cut and sew them into the desired style or design. If you ask them the rationale behind

Do you need a special machine to quilt

Do you need a special machine to quilt?

The fashion industry is surely one of the most highly mechanized industries. Almost all human activities have been replaced with machines. There’s a machine for everything in the industry. You

Can quilt batting be pieced together

Can quilt batting be pieced together?

A quilt is a technique of sewing which involves putting two fabric layers together. To enhance the look and feel of a quilt, designers often include batting, and that’s how

How wide to cut quilt binding

How wide to cut quilt binding?

In quilting, perfection is the key. I mean, you will just want everything to go alright with your design. That is why quilters must display absolute shrewdness when deciding on