Is Muslin good for quilting

Is Muslin good for quilting?

Muslin is one of the materials every sewist wants to use for their project, and this has always been the case ever since it was first introduced to the fashion

How to soften quilting cotton

How to soften quilting cotton

Comparing quilting cotton, apparel cotton, and lawn cotton is a conversation you would see quilters and sewers have on several occasions. That is very necessary, though, considering how closely related

Is Sulky thread good for quilting

Is Sulky thread good for quilting? 

When it comes to sewing projects, choosing the right thread is almost as important as getting the suitable fabric or other material you will need for your project. And just

Is Broadcloth good for quilting

Is Broadcloth good for quilting? 

Broadcloth is one of the many options you can try out if you are a lover of cotton or wool fabric. This fabric is mainly made of these two materials

Why is quilting so expensive

Why is quilting so expensive?

Have you ever walked up to a fabric store to get some materials for your next sewing project only to see some beautiful quilt designs you thought would look good

Should I prewash quilting fabric

Should I prewash quilting fabric?

Nowadays, it is becoming a norm for seamsters to wash fabrics before they cut and sew them into the desired style or design. If you ask them the rationale behind

How hard is free motion quilting

How hard is free motion quilting?

This is a type of quilting that is done with the use of a sewing machine. In this type of quilting, you create designs by stitching in free motion, and

Do you need to backstitch when quilting

Do you need to backstitch when quilting?

Quilting requires joining at least 3 layers (the top, batting, and the backing) of clothing fabric together to create what we call a quilting sandwich. Back stitching, on the other

Can quilting fabric be used for upholstery

Can quilting fabric be used for upholstery? 

Upholsteries, whether indoor or outdoor, are usually exposed to elements that can cut short their expected lifespan daily. The reason why you should be very careful when selecting the type

Can you use quilt fabric for the cushion

Can you use quilt fabric for the cushion?

For anyone looking for a hobby or the other, quilting will make an amazing one, especially if you are the type that appreciates embroidery, decorative stitching, and the likes. However