Does Tailor’s chalk wash off

Does Tailor’s chalk wash off? 

You may not be a tailor or have ever tried to make clothes by yourself before, but if you have been to a tailor’s shop before, there is a great

Is seam ripper a hazard or risk

Is seam ripper a hazard or risk?

Stitches and seams are made in such a way that it will be hard for them to become undone, but in some cases, we may be compelled to unravel these

Can I wash Charmeuse

Can I wash Charmeuse? 

As consumers, we all have different tastes that influence our decision to buy a particular fabric type. But most of the time, consumers are usually split between going for luxurious

Does cotton thread float on water

Does cotton thread float on water?

In the fashion world, just as we have both synthetic and natural fiber fabric, the various threads used by sewists are also made from these materials. Although most people don’t

Is sewing courses worth it

Is sewing courses worth it?

Every human being in this world wears clothes and all should know how to sew clothes or at least how to make stitches. When you finally decide to learn sewing,

How to finish edges of Aida clothes

How to finish edges of Aida clothes

Just like any other sewing project, selecting the suitable material for your cross-stitching project will not only make your work straightforward but will also impact your final product. And this

How to thread a cross stitch needle

How to thread a cross stitch needle 

There are lots of techniques used by designers in the world over to create designs on fabrics. One of them is cross stitching: a type of hand embroidery in which