Can You Use Sewing Thread For Embroidery

Can You Use Sewing Thread For Embroidery?

Embroidery is a great way to decorate fabrics and make them look beautiful. If you are trying to embroider some fabric but don’t have an embroidery thread at the moment,

Why are sewing patterns so expensive

Why are sewing patterns so expensive?

Sewing may be self-gratifying, fun, and at the same time profitable, if you know your onions. However, I cannot promise you that it will all go smoothly all the time

Why does my needle keep unthreading

Why does my needle keep unthreading?

I am no fashion designer, but I know pretty much everything that goes into styling a cloth. If you ask meabout it, I have a lot to say. Starting from

What is a fat quarter in sewing

What is a fat quarter in sewing?

The fashion industry is full of complicated terminologies that you can’t help but wonder if new terms are being manufactured every day. There’s always a word for every action, tool,

Is Sewing easier than crocheting

Is Sewing easier than crocheting?

If there’s anything that intrigues me most about fashion, it would be the set of diverse skills and knowledge that designers put together to create the magic that people see

Is sewing hard to learn

Is sewing hard to learn?

The fashion industry today is one of the fastest-growing, all thanks to the increasing human population and their insatiable thirst for basic needs (food, clothing, and shelter). One can only