Velvet vs Velveteen

Humans have to wear clothes to stay modest while preventing them from different environmental factors as well. As this is one of the few essentials that everybody has to go with and they simply just cannot live a life without weaning clothes. Because of its extensive use for centuries, humans have developed many kinds of fabrics and each one has its unique characteristics.

Each fabric is suitable for specific events, seasons, occasions, weather conditions, and much more. This versatility allows humans to look great and attractive while being comfortable as well.

Velvet vs Velveteen

Although all fabrics differ, some fabrics have too many similarities that distinguishing one from the other becomes extremely difficult. Two such fabrics are velvet and velveteen. People frequently ask questions like, is sewing and embroidery the same? And another related question is, are velvet and velveteen the same?

Well, this article will answer all such questions along with some other related topics like washing, dry cleaning, and ironing compatibility of these two fabrics. So, let’s not talk much and directly dive into the whole bunch of useful information regarding velvet vs velveteen.

Are velvet and velveteen the same?

How to Sew With Velvet and Velveteen

No, velvet and velveteen are not the same fabrics as they are made from different sources. Velvet is made using silk fibers while velveteen is manufactured using cotton fibers. The only major similarity is that both these fabrics are woven.

Velvet is a great fabric that was only worn by royals and extremely rich people because it was derived from far areas of Kashmir, Baghdad, Cairo, and Timbuktu. Then it was taken to other parts of the world starting in Venice, Florence, and Genoa.

Velveteen is a blend of cotton and many people claim that it is a fabric made to look like velvet while being available at a far less price. The fabric is also easy to make in large quantities as extracting silk is more difficult than using cotton as fibers.

Is velvet cheaper than velveteen?

No, the answer to this question is the opposite. Both velvet and velveteen fabrics are popular among customers and they are best suitable for their respective occasions.

However, there is no denying that velvet has edges in various aspects over velveteen such as high quality, softness, smoothness, and much more.

With all these qualities along with its worldwide demand, velvet is more expensive than velveteen.

Why is velvet so expensive?

The one-word answer is silk. Velvet is made using pure silk fibers which are difficult to extract and use in fabrics. This thing makes velvet so expensive as compared to other fabrics even if the making process is the same for velvet and velveteen as they both are woven.

Which is softer velvet or velveteen?

Velvet is softer than velveteen and there is a solid reason behind this edge of the velvet. Both velvet and velveteen are woven fabrics but velvet is made using silk fibers while velveteen is composed of cotton fibers. Silk fibers along with some other tweaks in the making process make velvet softer than velveteen.

Which is shiner velvet or velveteen?

Straight answer, velvet. Silk is known for its shine and attractive look and velvet is mostly made of silk fibers. There is a visible difference between the shine of velvet and velveteen which is widely used as a factor to distinguish both these fabrics.

What does velvet look like?

Velvet has an extraordinary and unique appearance which distinguishes it from all other fabrics in the world. It is soft and has a flawless drape.

The curves of this fabric give a lighting bolt type shine and if you look at the fabric under a light, you will notice different shades as well. In a nutshell, velvet gives a luxurious look and a royal feel.

What does velveteen look like?

Velveteen looks almost like velvet but has everything a bit low as compared to the velvet fabric. Velveteen has shine but it is stiffer to touch and doesn’t have as beautiful drape as velvet has.

However, if we don’t compare velveteen with velvet, it is also a great fabric that gives a pretty look and comfortable feel to the touch.

What is velvet used for?

Velvet has great demand in the market and this clearly shows that this fabric can be used for various activities. Although its major use is in the clothing industry, it is also used in other industries or some of their categories. So, the major uses of velvet include:

  • Women’s dresses
  • Wedding dresses
  • Men’s shirts
  • Women’s pants
  • Upholstery
  • Wall hangings
  • Eveningwear
  • Bath robes
  • Bedding
  • Caps and hats
  • Shoes
  • Bags
  • Interior decor items
  • Curtains
  • Throw pillows
  • Table runners
  • Table throws

What is velveteen used for?

Velveteen is a versatile fabric and is used in a wide range of clothing projects. Some of the most common uses of velveteen fabric includes:

  • Men’s clothing
  • Women’s dresses
  • Children’s garments
  • Draperies
  • Bedspreads
  • Home decor

Can you wash velvet and velveteen?

Yes, you can wash both velvet and velveteen either by hand or by putting the fabric in the washing machine as well. It is recommended to always use cold water, mild detergents, and the most gentle washing cycle with no additional solvents or fabric softeners.

This is recommended as these fabrics are soft and their shine can be affected if not treated properly. Although you can wash velvet or velveteen, dry cleaning is always recommended for better care of the fabric.

Can velvet and velveteen be ironed?

You may iron velvet or velveteen but it is never a good idea because every expert and user recommended only using steam for such fabrics.

These fabrics give a soft and luxurious touch as an additional pile of fibers are woven along with the silk fibers. If you iron velvet or velveteen, the lush texture will be pressed completely and the fabric will have a flat texture just like any other normal fabric on the market.

Do velvet and velveteen shrink?

Velvet has a good stretch while velveteen is a bit behind in this factor. Just because of the strength of these fabrics, they can shrink if treated improperly.

If you look at the care label, it will be mentioned to only wash these fabrics in cold water. Washing velvet or velveteen in hot water will cause a little bit of shrinkage.

However, the fabric will get back to its original shape once you wear the dress.

Can you dry clean velvet or velveteen?

You should go for dry cleaning as it is the best suitable method for velvet and velveteen. There is no doubt that you can wash these fabrics in cold water but it can cause damage in the long run while dry cleaning prevents such things from happening.

You may go with washing if the fabric is made using polyester fibers or is in crushed form but if you are dealing with pure velvet, it should only be dry cleaned.

Velvet vs Velveteen

Velvet is made using silk, polyester, and rayon fibers.Velveteen is made using cotton fibers.
Velvet has longer piles.Velveteen has closely set short piles.
Velvet has an eye-catching shine.Velveteen is shiny but not as much as velvet.
Velvet is comfortable and soft to touch.Velveteen is comfortable and gives a cozy feel.
Velvet is less dense and doesn’t have much weight.Velveteen is heavier and has a dense texture.
Velvet drapes beautifully.Velveteen has a drape but is not as good as velvet.
Velvet has more dense, bright, and deeper colors.Velveteen looks a bit pressed and has fewer deep colors.
Velvet is too expensive and pure velvet is not affordable for everyone.Velveteen is cheap and a good option for people who cannot afford to buy velvet.


Are velvet and velour the same?

Velvet and velour are almost the same fabrics in terms of shine, quality, feel, touch, and a lot more. The only major difference between these two fabrics is their ability to stretch.

Velvet has a bit less stretch than velour which limits its versatility to a certain extent as compared to velour which can be used in various unique designs.

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