What is Acrylic fabric?

When looking to make a cloth article that is budget friendly and capable of keeping you warm, comfortable, and cozy throughout the winter, look no further than Acrylic fabric.

This 100% synthetic fabric is what you and your family need to fend off the uneasiness that comes with the cold season.

What is Acrylic fabric

Although this fabric may not be as popular as cotton or wool when it comes to making winter clothes, the comfort they provide during this season is at par, if not more than the luxury provided by these natural fabrics: they are not breathable.

Despite this, when talking about this fabric, people still ask, what is Acrylic fabric?

I will be providing answers to this question in this helpful article and general information about the fabric. 

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What’s Acrylic fabric?

WHAT IS ACRYLIC? | S1:E11 | Fibers and Fabrics | Beate Myburgh

It’s a synthetic fabric made from acrylic yarns knitted or woven, a warm, thick material capable of providing insulation and warmth.

This fabric is fondly referred to as an affordable substitute for wool and is very suitable for making cloth linings, sweaters, and outdoor athletic apparel. 

What is Acrylic fabric used for? 

Primarily, Acrylic is used for making clothes like athletic wear, sweaters, jackets, hoodies, boot linings, and hand gloves.

Another use of Acrylic is found in the upholstery-making industry, where it is used as fabric for outdoor furniture. 

What is Acrylic fabric like? 

Acrylic fabric is likened to wool fibers simply because they have the same look and feel as this natural fiber. Acrylic fabrics considered a perfect blend and the closest unnatural alternative to wool fabric

What is Acrylic good for? 

Acrylic is suitable for making items like boat and vehicle covers, apparel, rugs, stuffed animals, luggage, upholstery, blankets, and awnings. 

How Acrylic fabric is made 

Acrylic is 100% synthetic fabric made from monomers obtained from coal and petroleum. This monomer is then made to undergo a chemical process known as polymerization, transforming it into a polymer — a long strand of plastic.

This polymer is then melted and extruded into filaments which later transform into thread-like fiber.

After this stage, the fiber is put into a particular machine that will spin the fiber into yarn, depending on what the manufacturer wants. The yarn may be either treated further with chemicals or dyed afterward.

Later, the spools of yarn will be specially washed and given a crimping treatment which improves the insulating ability of the fabric. 

In the final stage, the yarn will be knitted or woven to produce the final product we use to make our various apparel. 

Is Acrylic fabric bad for you? 

Yes, Acrylic fabric is toxic. Sadly, despite that Acrylic is one of the best fabric options for the winter season, its production makes it harmful for humans to wear.

Acrylic fabric is made of Acrylonitrile, a carcinogen and mutagen substance that, when exposed to, can cause health issues such as limb weakness, headaches, dizziness, shortness of breath, and nauseating feelings in humans. 

Is Acrylic a good material? 

Yes, Acrylic is a good material. When looking at it from the clothe-making angle, Acrylic is an excellent choice for making all sorts of clothing items.

This fabric type is generally soft, lightweight, warm, durable, and easy to wash. 

However, the case might be different when considering the threat posed by Acrylic fabric to the health of its wearer. 

Is Acrylic the same as Polyester? 

No, Acrylic is not the same as Polyester. On one end, Acrylic may be considered the same as Polyester because they are both synthetic fabrics and made from petroleum.

But that is how far it gets as far as their likeness is concerned: Polyester is much more breathable than Acrylic, while Acrylic, on the other end, has better insulation. 

Acrylic is better suited for making winter clothes, while Polyester can be used for making a wide range of garment types. 

Is Acrylic cheap fabric? 

Yes, Acrylic is a cheap fabric. Among the best selling points of Acrylic fabric is that even though they have some properties of wool, they are generally very affordable: they are made of synthetic fibers, which are generally considered cheaper than their natural counterparts and, therefore, only make sense if they are sold at lower prices. 

Is Acrylic good for summer?

No, Acrylic is not a good summer cloth.

Unlike cotton, which can be used for summer and winter cloth, Acrylic is only a good winter cloth.

Unlike breathable cotton, Acrylic has no breathability meaning heat will trap within the fabric and make you sweaty.

Putting on Acrylic fabric during summer will only make you uncomfortable.  

Is Acrylic fabric good for winter? 

Yes, Acrylic fabric is suitable for winter. Although Acrylic is made to look and feel like wool.

This fabric is also designed to have good insulation and is not breathable. These two characteristics give the material the ability to trap heat and make you warm during winter, thereby making them one of the best fabrics for winter clothes. 

Is Acrylic better than wool? 

Wool is better than Acrylic. Acrylic may be a cheaper option than wool, but the price difference is worth it when we compare these two fabrics.

Acrylic is not breathable, meaning they don’t allow air, so you will likely get hot when you put them on.

Also, Acrylic tend to pill easily, which is a sign of depletion, making them less durable than wool fabric. So considering all these, the price, which constitutes the significant advantage of Acrylic over wool, may not serve well in the long run.  

How do you care for Acrylic fabric? 

You can wash your Acrylic fabric in the washing machine or dry clean them. Here are tips to follow when washing them in the machine. 

  1. Wash them in a warm setting and pour some fabric softener into their final rinse cycle. 
  2. You can dry them inside the dryer using a low-temperature setting and remove the fabric immediately after it dries. 
  3. If ironing is necessary due to wrinkles, put the iron in a moderately warm setting and iron them. 

Can you paint Acrylic fabric? 

Yes, you can paint Acrylic fabric. Almost all synthetic fabrics are suitable for painting, and Acrylic is no different. Furthermore, when applying paint to Acrylic fabric, always abide strictly by the rules guiding paint application to every other fabric. 

Does Acrylic fabric shrink? 

Yes, Acrylic fabric shrinks. Acrylic is not a fabric that shrinks easily and will not even compress by a single inch when washed. Nevertheless, after washing, if you leave the fabric in the dryer for a long time, it may shrink. 

Can you iron Acrylic fabric? 

Yes, you can iron Acrylic fabric. Firstly, you should know that the best way to remove wrinkles from Acrylic material is by steaming the fabric. Ironing this fabric puts them at risk of getting melted. But because there are ways of ensuring that your fabric will be safe after ironing, then we cannot completely condemn the use of iron on the fabric. 

How to iron Acrylic fabric

Before starting to press Acrylic fabric, always remember that it can melt once they are exposed to heat, so the best option for you will be to use a cool setting. Read the instructions below for a detailed explanation. 

  1. Turn the Acrylic fabric inside out 
  2. Put the iron in a cool setting. 
  3. Try to put a damp cloth between the fabric and the iron. 
  4. Press the cloth as gently as possible, and do not move the iron back and forth. 

Where to store Acrylic fabric

Before storing your Acrylic fabric, always make sure that they have been thoroughly cleaned and dried. If your Acrylic fabric is knitted, make sure to fold them and lay them flat in a metal or wooden drawer. 

Is Acrylic fabric waterproof?

No, Acrylic is not waterproof. Acrylic fabrics are water-resistant and dry pretty fast, but that does not make them waterproof. 

Can you put Acrylic fabric in the dryer?

Yes, you can put Acrylic fabric in the dryer. You can tumble dry your Acrylic fabric, but it must be in a low-temperature setting. Tumble drying your Acrylic fabric with excessive heat will only damage the fabric fiber, make the garment wrinkle permanently, or stretch the fabric further.

Although I remember saying to remove Acrylic fabric once they dry, it is much better to remove them while they are still slightly wet. 

How to clean Acrylic fabric

You can clean Acrylic fabric in the machine or with your hand. The steps below offer a useful guide for the processes involved in these two methods. 

Washing with the machine

  1. Turn the fabric inside out. 
  2. Put the fabric in a mesh washing bag
  3. Put the washing machine in a delicate wash cycle, ensuring the spin is low and the water temperature is cold. 
  4. Pour an adequate amount of mild detergent into the wash. 

Washing with hand 

  1. Pour enough cool water into the washbasin or sink and pour 2 capsful of mild detergent. 
  2. Soak the fabric in this cleaning solution and leave it for 30 mins. 
  3. Thoroughly rinse the fabric afterward. 

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