What is jacquard fabric?

Jacquard is one of the few fabrics that can be found in almost all households in one form or another. There could be jacquard weaves in your curtains, upholstery, couches, home decor items, duvet covers, drapery, or any other fabric accessory in your house. The thing is that the jacquard weave is one of the strongest among any other weaves in the fabric industry.

You will not usually bother to know much about it until you realize that jacquard is also used to make different kinds of dresses and clothes that are not only beautiful but long-lasting as well.

What is jacquard fabric

This is the point where you may ask questions like, what is the jacquard fabric? Is jacquard a good fabric? Is it easy to take jacquard fabric?

Well, you should have all the answers before you make a decision of buying this fabric and for that reason, keep on reading this article till the end. Here we will discuss all minor to major aspects of jacquard fabric and its different properties and characteristics.

What is jacquard fabric?

Textile Talk: What Is A Jacquard Fabric?

Jacquard fabric is a unique kind of fabric in which different kinds of designs and patterns are woven into the fabric instead of dyeing, painting, or embroidering it. The fabric is usually made using cotton fibers and the design can be as small as flowers to as big as a single pattern on a whole-long curtain.

The technique was first started in the 6th century and then in 1804, the loom machine was invented by Joseph Marie Jacquard just to make such kinds of fabrics. Its popularity and attractiveness increased gradually from day one.

You may call any fabric being woven into the fabric as Jacquard but experts believe that only the fabric that is woven on a jacquard looming machine should be named Jacquard. The fabric is durable, heavyweight, and can be made using different kinds of fibers or materials.

Is jacquard woven or knit?

Jacquard could be woven or knit as it will change the look and texture to a certain extent. The fabric can be made on a knitting machine with a single as well as double knit.

The woven jacquard is not much different from knit jacquard but the former has more flexibility, strength, stretch, drape, and breathability which make it a prominent way of making jacquard fabric.

Is jacquard cotton?

We can say that jacquard is cotton because it is mostly woven on a looming machine using cotton fibers. Cotton is soft yet strong which makes it a good source to be used in making jacquard.

Cotton can also be woven easily on looms and fibers have enough stretch to bear a good amount of force. The designs are woven in different patterns such as small floral designs, leaves, stars, peacocks, and many more.

Is jacquard a good fabric?

Jacquard is a great fabric because of many factors such as versatility which means that it can be used for various clothing and home decor applications. Natural fibers of cotton are used in manufacturing which makes jacquard an environmentally friendly fabric as well.

As the pattern is mostly woven as double-sided, you can have designs of different colors or tones while one side of the fabric will have a convex pattern and the other has a minorly concave texture. The fabric is also long-lasting, and strong, and the color doesn’t fade away easily.

Does jacquard shrink?

Jacquard doesn’t usually shrink in normal conditions which means that if you wash it properly and then let it air dry while most of the moisture is out, there are minimal chances of getting any shrinkage.

However, it is also a fact that if your fabric has too much moisture in the fibers while you are cleaning it or putting it in the dryer, the shrinkage may occur to a certain extent but not that much or noticeable.

Does jacquard wrinkle?

Jacquard is woven in different types which means that some fabrics may have loose fibers while others have tightly woven fibers in jacquard. So, the factor of getting wrinkles mainly depends on how loosely or tightly the fibers are woven.

If your fabric has tightly woven fibers, the chances of getting wrinkles will be high as compared to jacquard fabric whose fibers are loosely woven. This is because the loosely woven fabric has spaces in between fibers which reduce the chances of shrinkage as well as wrinkles.

Is jacquard easy to maintain?

The answer to this question mainly depends on how you use your jacquard fabric. For example, if you have coats, jackets, or related garments with heavy drapes made of jacquard fabric, you will be required to clean your clothes using dry cleaning methods.

If you have fabrics that are lightweight and used very often, you can easily wash them at home using your regular washing machine and then dry them normally in the air.

Storing them doesn’t require any major effort as well because you can place them in your cabinet. In a nutshell, simply look at the care label and follow the instructions as prescribed on it.

Is jacquard fabric stretchy?

Jacquard fabric has ample stretch but does not have too much elasticity. The method used to knit or weave the fabric also plays an important role in this factor.

However, the fabric is more stretchy and stable than almost all other fabrics that are made using the old or basic weave method.

We can say that jacquard fabric is as stretchy as cotton but because it is woven tightly, the tendency to stretch decreases a bit more than actual cotton stretch.

Can you iron jacquard?

This thing depends on what kind of fiber or material is used to make a jacquard. You are allowed steam iron jacquard fabric made of cotton or linen fibers as they can handle it quite efficiently.

It is recommended to test the iron on a small hidden part of the fabric and if it goes well, you may iron the whole fabric afterward.

Make sure you take good care and precautions while ironing jacquard with metallic fibers as they are prone to melting down and ruining your garment.

What does jacquard fabric feel like?

Jacquard fabric is durable, can be shaped in structured clothing, and is water resistant as well. All these things combined with its soft feel make it a perfect option to wear in almost all kinds of events and normal wear.

The feel would not be completely smooth as the fabric is woven instead of just printed or dyed but it will not feel rough as the fibers are woven with efficiency. The fabric is slightly texture to the touch but gives a beautiful vibe and feel while wearing.

Is jacquard fabric good for curtains?

Jacquard fabric is a structured material which makes it a great option to make curtains as it will provide a traditional and stylish look at the same time. Jacquard can be woven while having multi colors or different tones along with a wide range of designs and patterns.

You can choose any design ranging from simple flowers to as unique as animal prints, mainly peacock wings. Apart from this, the fact that jacquard fabric is heavy, durable, long-lasting, and remains in shape, gives a proper charm to the room.

Is jacquard fabric good for upholstery?

Jacquard fabric is great for upholstery as it can add style and unique texture to your living room or any other place that requires some traditional touch.

Instead, jacquard is one of the most common fabrics to be used in the manufacturing of headboards, sofas, couches, pillows, chairs, cushions, table covers, and a lot of other projects that involve upholstery in any form.

Where is the jacquard fabric used?

  • Clothing
  • Casual garments
  • Formal apparels
  • Home decor textiles
  • Curtains
  • Drapery
  • Evening wear
  • Men’s suits
  • Drapes
  • Duvet covers
  • Ties
  • Slings
  • Ribbons
  • Dupattas
  • Bed sheets
  • Pillow covers
  • Table and bed linen
  • Furniture upholstery

What are the major types of jacquard fabric?

Just like any other fabric, the jacquard fabric can also be made using different kinds of natural as well as synthetic materials. With the changing material, the type of jacquard will also change, even if there is a little bit of difference. However, some of the most common, amazing, and widely used types of jacquard fabric include the following:

  • Brocade
  • Brocatelle
  • Damask
  • Matelassé
  • Cotton jacquard
  • Silk jacquard
  • Wool jacquard
  • Synthetic jacquard
  • Jacquard knit

Is Jacquard fabric waterproof?

Yes, Jacquard fabric is waterproof. Although Jacquard is mainly recognized for its pattern and waterproof is not a distinctive quality this fabric is known for, the truth is, the material is waterproof. This is one of the reasons why this fabric type is widely used as upholstery fabric, whether for indoor or car upholstery. 

Can Jacquard fabric be washed?

Yes, you can wash Jacquard fabric. Jacquard fabric can be hand washed or washed in the machine just that there are some precautions to abide strictly to. Whether you are washing your Jacquard fabrics in the machine or with your hand, make sure not to use bleach.

Also, if you are using the washing machine, make sure the material is preconditioned to prevent the fabric from bleeding or distorting. 

Lastly, it is best to hang Jacquard fabric to dry or lay them flat on the table or any flat surface. Whichever method you adopt, make sure the fabric is placed where it will not be exposed to direct sunlight. 

How to identify Jacquard fabric

The most distinctive characteristic of a typical Jacquard fabric is its pattern. Well, I know you would say they are not the only patterned fabric. Yes, this is true, but the case of Jacquard fabric is different because its patterns are woven into the fabric and not printed. 

This is why you will always find a long float at the back of Jacquard fabric. These are threads that we’re used to creating those patterns. So if you find any material with these attributes, they are most likely to be Jacquard fabrics. 

How to clean Jacquard fabric

To clean Jacquard fabric, dust off dirt with a soft brush or dry vacuum thoroughly, then apply some chemspec dry fabric cleaner on a soft towel and wipe the dirty surface with it (make sure to wear gloves during application). Dry the fabric afterward with air movers. 

How to dye Jacquard fabric

One of the best dyes for Jacquard fabric is Rit’s all-purpose dye. Check below for usage directions. 

  1. Weigh your fabric on a food scale to help determine how much dye you will need. The general rule is that 2 powder packages of the dye should be enough for one 1kilogram fabric. If you want the dye to be dark, double the quantity. 
  2. Prewash your jacquard fabric, the usual way to get rid of any stains on the material. 
  3. Pour enough water (60°c) into a sink or bucket, and since Jacquard can be made of silk or polyester, you can add 240ml of vinegar and 5ml of dish detergent to enhance the color. 
  4. If the dye is powdery, make sure it is thoroughly dissolved in hot water of 470 ml. 
  5. Pour the dye into the dye bath and mix thoroughly. 
  6. Dip a paper towel into the dye bath to test the color. You can add more dye if the color is too light. If too dark, add more water. 
  7. Dampen the fabric with water, wring out excess water, and put it inside the dye bath. 
  8. Stir the fabric thoroughly in the dye bath for at least 10 minutes to evenly spread the color. 
  9. Once you have achieved the desired color, remove the fabric. 
  10. Rinse with cool water until the water becomes clear. 
  11. Wash the fabric in warm water and a mild detergent solution. Rinse and dry afterward. 

How to iron Jacquard fabric

You can steam your Jacquard fabric on high heat to get rid of wrinkles. If you prefer iron, put it on low heat setting and place a cloth between the material and the iron before you start pressing. 

Tips to take good care of jacquard fabric

  1. It is better not to wash jacquard using abrasive solvents or soaps.
  2. Look at the tag for instructions and strictly follow them while washing.
  3. Dust clean or damp sponge the fabric every so often instead of washing it all the time.
  4. Don’t put the jacquard under direct sunlight while drying.
  5. Avoid any scratchy metal or something that can lead fabric to snag or fray.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is jacquard fabric good for summer?

Jacquard is one of the most versatile fabrics ever manufactured or you can find in the market. It can be worn at any event, in any form, and most importantly in any weather.

No matter whether you live in an area with a hot climate or enjoy winter all the time, whether you need a dress or a home decor item, whether you need some accessories or unique shoes, jacquard is the fabric that is available for you to fulfill all of your desires that directly relate to fabrics.

Why is jacquard fabric expensive?

Jacquard is expensive because of how it is made or if we say properly then because of how it “was” made. The fact is that before the invention of the looming machine in 1804, weaving fabrics was one of the most complex jobs to be done by the hands of skilled people.

The cost of labor was so high that only the royal or wealthiest people in the town were able to buy such fabrics. Just because of these factors, jacquard was costly from day one and this thing has not changed much even today.

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