What is spun polyester fabric?

Everyone wants to try new fabrics so that they can enjoy all colors of life while discovering new things. If you are a person who wants fabrics that are versatile, have a long life, and can withstand different weather conditions, you may go better with spun polyester because it has almost everything that you desire. It is easy to maintain and can be used in different conditions as well. The best thing about spun polyester is its affordability.

After you listen to all these positive points about spun polyester, you may ask questions like what is spun polyester fabric? How is the spun polyester fabric made? Is spun polyester a good fabric? Spun polyester is a type of polyester but differs in various regards. It is better to have all the necessary information so that you don’t end up in a mess or scam. This article is solely composed to address all these questions so that you can have a clear mind before you buy a piece for yourself.

What is spun polyester?

Spun polyester is a synthetic fabric or a filament fiber that is made soft by passing it through different processes like agitation and chemistry. The actual polyester fibers are spun into a new kind of fiber that is then used in different kinds of clothes.

The best thing is that spun polyester is a lot more durable and absorbent along with the fact that it comes in varying thicknesses so that it fits the best for different types of fabrics, and sewing projects you are doing.

Is spun polyester fabric good?

Spun polyester is a great fabric because of its durability and long-lasting characteristics. As the polyester fibers are spun to make something, even more, better than the polyester itself, the spun polyester has better abilities in terms of repelling stains, wrinkles, and water.

It is also considered efficient in color fastness which means that there are minor to no chances of getting any change of its color or getting its color transferred on other fabrics while washing. Apart from this, spun polyester is also easy to maintain and take care of. This thing reduces your hassle of preparing the cloth from point zero every time you want to wear it.

Is spun polyester better than cotton?

It depends on your requirements because cotton is better in some aspects while spun polyester is superior in others. Cotton is great if you want to wear it in summer but spun polyester is more durable and has better absorption as well. Also, the spun polyester feels too soft and repels stains, wrinkles, and water with better efficiency as compared to cotton and many other fabrics.

Is spun polyester better than polyester?

Both these fabrics are almost the same apart from a few differences. Normal or Regular polyester is a bit more strong than spun polyester because of its extra-long fibers. Regular polyester is also better in holding the color in fibers because of the same reasons for having longer fibers.

Spun polyester is better when it comes to absorbing more water and being extra soft. And, regular polyester is considered more durable as it can go through many washing cycles without getting any damage as compared to spun polyester as the former has long fibers.

What is the meaning of spun polyester?

Spun polyester means that the fabric is made by spinning the fibers of regular polyester into yarn. We can say that yarn is the raw material that is used to make threads of different types, sizes, and thicknesses for varying kinds of fabrics.

Regular polyester is often known as filament polyester and the fibers of this polyester are then passed through the agitation process which results in yarn while the fabric made from this yarn is known as spun polyester.

What is spun polyester used for?

Just because the spun polyester is too soft, it is considered better to be used as fabrics that are not used very frequently such as clothes. It is durable but the longevity can decrease over time if you wash it very often. For that reasons, below are the best areas where spun polyester is used all around the world:

  • Tablecloths
  • Outdoor cushions
  • Bedsheets
  • Beach cover-ups

These uses are appreciated as they do not require frequent washing. However, spun polyester is also used for applications like sewing clothing, trousers, blouses, shirts, jackets, blankets, etc.

What is spun polyester thread used for?

Spun polyester is attractive, soft yet strong, and durable which makes it a good choice for different kinds of sewing applications. It is widely used for sewing decorative pieces. It is also used to make designed and unique patterns on things like denim, leather, and almost all light fabrics.

For sewing purposes, spun polyester is used to sew overcoats, security clothing, sportswear, bed sheets, tablecloths, shoe accessories, and much more. A spun polyester thread is also used for different applications in the automobile industry and upholstery furniture.

Is spun polyester a breathable fabric?

Spun polyester is a breathable fabric but not to the best of its extent. It has spun yarn but just because it is a synthetic fabric and is derived from 100% polyester fibers, the fabric has plastic in its composition. This factor can make the fabric breathable only to a minor range as the heat from the body can be held in the fabric making it warm and hot.

How is the spun polyester fabric manufactured?

  1. The first step is to cut down the extra-long fibers of polyester into small ones.
  2. These small fibers are then joined together using some industrial techniques mainly including the process of chemistry.
  3. Now the fibers are spun using a specifically designed machine known as a spinneret.
  4. This will result in yarn made out of short polyester fibers known as spun polyester.
  5. Now, these fibers are used in different sizes to be compatible with different kinds of clothing activities.

Difference between regular polyester and spun polyester?

Both fabrics are durable and have a high level of resistance to a bunch of factors that are considered harmful to fabrics. However, the extent or ability to withstand different conditions or factors differs from fabric to fabric.

The yarns are kept in long form and then woven together.The yarns are cut into short sizes and then spun.
Long fibers are extremely powerful and can withstand wear and tear in a much better way.Short fibers are less strong and are a bit more prone to wear and tear.
Because of its long fibers, regular polyester feels tough or rough to the touch.Because of its short fibers, spun polyester is pretty soft and delicate to the touch and feel.
Regular polyester can go through more washing cycles because of its long and strong fibers.Spun polyester has a long life but longevity can be affected if you wash the garment very often.

As far as similarities are concerned, both these fabrics are great in terms of resisting stains, wrinkles, water, and dirt, and are highly effective in colorfastness.

Benefits of using spun polyester fabric:

  • Durable
  • Water resistance
  • Thick fabric because of thicker fibers
  • Strong fabric
  • Softness
  • A little bit of extra stretch
  • It has fibers turned spooned into yarns
  • Can be worn in all kinds of weather
  • Because of its mildew resistance, it can be utilized in outdoor applications as well
  • Fabulous compression abilities
  • Flawless colorfastness
  • Easy to maintain and take care of
  • Inexpensive


Is spun polyester waterproof?

Spun polyester is not waterproof but it is water-resistant to a certain extent. There are small holes in the woven fibers that allow the water droplets to get attached and hold. Although this can pass the water through the fabric, spun polyester does not usually keep the water for a long time. This factor makes spun polyester a water-resistance and a great fabric to be worn in different weathers.

Is spun polyester stretchy?

Spun polyester is stretchy just like any other stretch fabric of normal range. The fabric has elasticity which means that it will open a bit and will come back to its original form as soon as you take it off. However, the stretch is not that to a big extent because many other fabrics in the market are far more stretchy and have better elasticity than spun polyester.

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