What is woven fabric?

In my previous blogs, all the fabric types I discussed were based on their fiber types (synthetic or natural). However, we shall be trying something different here as our focus will be based on other fabric subclassifications.

Mostly, every fabric type, whether synthetic or natural, is either knitted or woven, but instead of taking these two, I will write about the latter: woven fabric. I know that most consumers are not concerned about whether their fabric is woven or knitted, but knowing this can help you to determine certain things about the fabric you are about to buy, which you will find out in this article.

What is woven fabric

But before that, you will first all have to know what woven fabric is, how they are made, and what material is used in making them. You will find this information in this article.

What are woven fabrics?

Woven Textiles 101: The Ultimate Basic Weaves Guide

Woven fabric is any textile that is made by weaving. This fabric is usually made on a loom and often made with many threads that are into weft or warp. Furthermore, the vertical yarn is comply known as the warp, while the horizontal yarn is commonly referred to as the weft.

In a somewhat technical sense, you can say that woven fabric is any textile that is created by interlacing two or more threads at 90° angles to one another. 

How is woven fabric made?

Woven fabric production involves placing threads or yarns together perpendicularly and then attaching them in a warp and weft pattern to create fabric. The process of joining these threads together is done on a loom. 

What is the woven fabric used for?

Compared to knitted fabrics, Woven fabrics are much easier to cut into any shape and therefore are considered suitable for making different garment styles.

This fabric type is not just suitable for cloth making but is also popularly used in making upholstery fabrics and curtains. 

What are woven fabrics made of?

One thing you need to notice in the two woven fabrics definitions given above is the word “Any” You may not have read the meaning of the word at first, but now it is time to know. This woven fabric can be made with any fiber, whether synthetic or natural, as long as they are interlaced at a 90° angle. 

Most of the time, you will likely see woven fabrics made from a blend of these two fibers. They can exist in the form of 100% cotton, 100% natural fiber, or a mixture of 20% polyester and 80% cotton, both natural and synthetic fibers

What does woven fabric look like?

When you look at the woven fabric closely, you will notice that two sets of yarns are interlaced to create a checkered pattern. You will see this pattern on the denim, collared shirt, and suits. 

What is the woven fabric type?

For simplicity and to avoid confusion, know that woven fabric is any woven textile. 

What is the texture of woven fabrics?

The woven fabric’s texture is usually coarse, which is why they are not as soft as knitted fabrics. 

What is considered a woven fabric?

Technically, any textile or fabric created by interlacing two or more threads underneath one another is considered a woven fabric. This kind of fabric is generally woven into a warp or weft. 

How to tell if a fabric is woven?

It may be difficult for an inexperienced to tell whether the fabric they are about to buy is knitted or woven. Check the tips below to know if you make the right choice about woven fabric. 

  1. Check the thread: if you notice loops in the threads, then the fabric is knitted; however, if the threads are aligned in a perpendicular crisscrossed pattern, then it is a woven fabric. 
  2. Check the fabric edges: if the edges of the fabric are even and appear very smooth, then it is a woven fabric, but if it has loops at the edges, know that you have bought a knitted fabric. 
  3. Check the wrong side of the fabric: the wrong side of a woven fabric should look almost the same as the right side, whereas, in the case of knitted fabric, you will see spots where stitches have been made. 
  4. Stretch the fabric: most woven fabrics are not as stretchy as knitted fabrics, so if you stretch the fabric and notice it is not stretchy or has little stretch, then it is likely to be a woven fabric; if otherwise, then what you have is a knitted fabric. 

Is woven fabric comfortable?

Yes, woven fabric is comfortable. You can surely count on woven fabric when it comes to comfortability. However, you should know that woven fabrics are not as comfortable as knitted fabrics. But when you are talking about durability, then the woven fabric is better. 

Is woven fabric soft?

Yes, woven fabric is soft. You may find soft woven fabrics, usually used in making dresses, tops, trousers, and shirts.

However, you should know that woven fabrics are usually stiff and structured, so they may not be as soft as what you consider a typical soft fabric. 

Is cotton a woven fabric?

Yes, cotton is a woven fabric. I said earlier that woven can be made of any material.

But in most cases, cotton fibers are usually woven after being spun into a yarn. Even in some cases, when a woven fabric is made from a blend of natural and synthetic fibers, man-made fibers are often blended with cotton. 

Are woven fabrics good for summer?

Yes, woven fabrics are suitable for summer. The best clothing item for summer is any tightly woven fabric, regardless of whether they are light or heavy. It is a good indicator of how well the fabric is woven and can influence whether or not you will be comfortable in the warm season. 

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